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  1. Online roster was just updated yesterday .... is active on the 6/15/15 one - check it .... Ed
  2. Mornin' Jason, He is ROA #14238 - you can look him up on the roster ( I'm a little uncomfortable with listing a members name without his knowledge or permission ). He was one of a couple of cars ( sans trailer ) that arrived late to the show field after all the first gen spots were already taken, and they were spotted on the access road between the parking lots ( the road between the Rivs and Toros ). Hope this helps, Ed
  3. Good timing .... this article/video appeared late yesterday ( 1/27/15 ) on the website of a local TV station here in Des Moines: http://www.kcci.com/news/tips-on-staying-safe-while-buying-selling-on-craigslist/30953008 Outstanding suggestion of conducting merchandise/money exchange in the parking lot of your local PD building within video surveillance range, and also a couple of good tips at the end of the article in the "comments" section.
  4. Lamar; FYI .... This was in today's ( 11/28/14 ) Hemmings daily e-newsletter: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2014/11/28/buick-wildcat-i-to-highlight-next-years-buick-national-meet/?refer=news Ed
  5. "I noticed the cylinder mounted to firewall to the left of the brake booster. Looks like it has hot water running through it from the heater core plumbing. Anyone know what that is?" Len, I guess I can understand you not recognizing this ( being in CA ), but I'd think Jason would know ( living in the Brrr-Belt ) .... It's called a "tank heater" - there's a heating element in it for keeping your anti-freeze warm - there's a line cord you plug into 110 vac. I've never seen one mounted on the firewall, though. The first one I installed was on our '68 Impala station wagon - mounted down low on th
  6. Dick, et al; Sad news .... I just read that on Saturday, William "Wild Bill" Guenere has been transferred to the Staff of the Supreme Commander. Here's a link to the article in the Philadelphia newspaper: http://www.philly.com/philly/obituaries/20140310_William_Guarnere__one_of_the__Band_of_Brothers_.html Gene, sincere condolences to your family from your friends in Iowa. Flag flying at half staff ...... Ed & Sherry
  7. Keith, I'll take it .... email me where to send the check and total amount to zip 50009 Thanks, Ed edp1531@qwest.net
  8. Mornin' Roberta, Ya might want to give "Jolly_John" a holler: http://forums.aaca.org/f119/1979-85-buick-riviera-nos-hood-340496.html Ed
  9. Nathaniel, Looks like Jayson doesn't have the pictures he had taken .... can you burn me a copy of the same disk you gave Ray and drop it in the mail to me? My address is on the Regional Coordinators page of the Riview. Thanking you in advance, Ed
  10. Jayson, I think it'd probably be best if you dumped your pictures to a disk and drop it in the mail to me - snail address is on the R/C page of the Riview. I've got the pictures in Photobucket sorted "oldest first", and as you two were taking pictures at the same time, I'm afraid yours might get intermingled with Nate's. It's a helluva lot easier to check and correct on my pc before I upload them than trying to change once they're out there. Hope this is O.K. with you..... Ed
  11. Mornin' Nate, ( Hope you don't mind, but Nate is easier for me to spell than Nathaniel ) Damn .... I knew when you guys told me late Thursday you had a disk with all the pictures for Ray, I should have burnt a copy - too much going on and just ran out of time. All I need are just the pictures that Jayson snapped, but I think emailing is not an option here - there's a size limit on my email server, and I think it's 20 meg total. The total size of the pictures you took on Sherry's camera totaled 377 meg , so you might be SOL trying to email them. I know snail mailing the disk will take a few d
  12. Here's the link for the Lexington pictures we have that Nathaniel took: Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing I think we're missing around 50 cars ..... Ed
  13. Jayson, I am currently uploading to Photobucket the 167 pictures Nathaniel took with Sherry's camera - it's going slow, but I'll post the link later tonight or first thing tomorrow a.m. It looks like we're missing part of the boat tails, all the first gen's, the Toro's, the winners circle and a few more that were parked right outside the entrance door. If you have the missing ones, can you send to me on a CD or Data DVD and I can merge them into my Photobucket folder - BTW, Nathaniel - Photobucket is FREE. Ed
  14. Bob, Scroll down and locate a thread started by "Mr Riviera" (aka Dick Sweeney) about two weeks ago - I show it on page 2. The responses should answer most of your questions ..... Ed
  15. Todd, It's an "erroneous error" displayed by your Kaspersky AV .... click here: Trojan.HTML.Dosser.c - Kaspersky Lab Forum Ed
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