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  1. That's a cool idea. Did you have them printed? Which technology did you use and how did they come out? How much did they cost? Sorry for all the questions, this is kind of exciting though. Len
  2. Thanks Mike. My car is bagged front and rear as I wanted a mild traditional custom with the convienience of adjustable suspension and improved handling. Might sound a a little oxymoronic, but ive been called worse. I should be assembling the suspension in the next couple of weeks and will post pics of both ends. Len.
  3. Doug, I stuck with the #934, didnt think to ask about a different size. Here is a pic of the two arms before thay went off to powder coat. The sway bar plate mimics the supplied Addco mounting hole setup. Because I moved the bar aft and up once it cleared the differential housing the plates needed to be mounted in the middle of the arms. I boxed the arms and added internal reinforcement where teh sway bar plates are welded on. Hope this helps or least provides some ideas. Len
  4. I didnt like the way the Addco hung below the rear axle nor did I like the plate mounts that attached to the trailing arms. I ended up fabricating a set of mounts that were higher up on the inside of the arms that tucked the bar up and just slightly aft of the axle housing. I also boxed the arms at the same time. I will try and post some pics this weekend, the arms are in storage waiting for teh body to go back on the frame.
  5. Ed, not sure about the OP but I would like it if ou would post teh manual page describing the operation of the SP trans. Thansk, Len.
  6. I have the same issue and question as the spring in mine is completely awol. Your first picture shows the lower half of the spring and the second shows the upper half. I will be following along to see if anyone has a fully intact spring.
  7. I meant to add, mine was wavy and started to lift because rust was forming between the pinch weld flanges expanding them open. I ended up cutting them out and welding fresh steel in thier place shortly after this picture was taken.
  8. Looks like this under all that paint and lead:
  9. Hey Don, Any chance you remember which Vintage Air unit you installed in you Riv? Any pictures of the install? I am wondering what the impact to the glovebox is and how much of it is visible hanging below the dash (if at all). Thanks, Len.