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  1. Thanks John. Apparently there must not be any way to do it ourselves. May try anyway. Like a challenge! Ercell
  2. Thanks to everyone for the info. I will get the kit, only because I enjoy doing it myself. Ercell
  3. Hi Tom: Someplace I have a name of a company just outside of Ames, IA that welds blocks and manifolds. They actually weld it while it is still in the oven. They did one for me, cost was about $150 and it looked great when they were done. I watched them doing one for someone else. these guys are pro's and very nice to deal with. Let me know if you need their name and I will dig it up. Ercell
  4. Hi again. As usual I need more help. My distributor on my 40 buick doesn't seem to be advancing properly, actually at all. Anyone know where I can get the parts to overhaul my distributor? Maybe even some advice! It has plenty of vacuum. It is old though. Thanks!
  5. Hi. Does anyone know where I can get a fuel pump overhaul kit for my 40 buick. It vapor locked on me last week and I think it is getting weak. The vacuum portion doesn't work anymore and I would like to fix it also. Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
  6. erector

    ebay item

    Please help me identify the attached item. It is called an air cleaner for a 30's desoto on ebay.It is item #320226632986.
  7. Thanks, I will report back. Ercell
  8. Thanks Pete and Matt. I have ordered the paint and decals from Bob's and should be done next week.
  9. Can someone please tell me what color my straight 8 is supposed to be. It is blue now as is the car but I think it is supposed to be grey. Also what color is the firewall supposed to be. Thanks, Ercell
  10. I am suprised that after months of looking I have not found either of these items. I even put an ad in Hemmings and not one call. These must be rare items. The air cleaner is sort of square and tall odd looking thing. I don't care what shape it is in as I can reproduce it if I had some sort of pattern. The hub caps have a six inch mounting rim. There are some out there somewhere. On another note does anyone know how to weatherstrip my doors and rumble seat. There are no holes for attachment on either. I didn't think they would have glued it back in 1932.
  11. Did you find your parts? What are the U bolts for? The rear end or the suspension. Also I have seen the shock arm on ebay more than once. You should be able to make the plate. Since you need a plate, I can probably assume you need the U bolts for the rear end, not the suspension. Erector
  12. Can someone help me find running boards for my 40 coupe. I figured Steele would have them, if they do they are not in their catalog. Thanks,
  13. I still haven't found any hubcaps or an aircleaner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ercell
  14. Can anyone help me with the torque specs for my 6 cyl. We are assembling the engine and need these of course. Thanks, Ercell
  15. Can anyone please tell me what info can be derived from the following numbers: Vin# 5054507 Body# 2C-1864-SC Stamped on the block C SC 24782 D Cast in the block 320029-3 7-20 D
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