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  1. D-19, 190 Allis Chalmers 1934 - 50 W, WC, WF TRACTORS
  2. [<span style="text-decoration: underline">color:#000000]<span style="font-weight: bold">-- Wanting to buy---</span></span> <span style="font-style: italic"><span style="font-style: italic">1939 Packard Tail Lights</span></span> please pm to contact, martin
  3. WTB- 1955 Buick Century hood emblem ornament Thanks
  4. WTB- 1955 Buick Century hood emblem ornament Thanks , Martin
  5. use this to look up number plate on car http://www.cadvision.com/blanchas/ID-Cars/DodgeModels.html
  6. It looks like a 1910 Cadillac Model called (The demi-tonneau2 for 5 passengers) There is five in the car! If you look real close the front windsheild Stantions/frame is also high. In the rear the ruffles of the top behind the back 3 is barely visable but it looks like it's there. Don't hold me to this !!! Try this http://www.car-nection.com/yann/Dbas_txt/Pho_10.htm maybe it can lead you to something Martin
  7. I was told this is off a cadillac ? Don't know what year? Would like to put on my 53 pontiac I gave $60.00 for it was that to much?
  8. Those were the mold for radiator caps. which mounted almost any mascot. The rad cap cover was usally manufactured at the same time as the mascot ! http://www.louislejeune.com/product_info...products_id/422
  9. 1950 mercury 4-door Sport Sedan #50LA41887M# Positions #1 and #2 are the Year Identification #50 Positions #3 and #4 are the Assembly Plant Identification LA = Los Angeles, California Positions #5 through #10 are the Consecutive Unit Number 41887 Positions #11 indicate the car series: M - Mercury (1950-1957) STYLE - LA-M74 74- 4-door Sport Sedan
  10. Both Speedo and fuel/temp/oil Gauges needed for 1937 Ford Pickup Martin
  11. 1937 Ford Pickup My Question is the 37 pickup cowl vent all by itself or will the cowl vent from a 38 pickup work. Also does anyone have any pics of the windsheild hinges? Thanks, Martin
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