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  1. Hi Mark. If no one buys it, I'll probably pull the easy high ticket parts myself to sell on ebay. The DMV said they weren't optimistic about funding after July 1st, so that's the pressure. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Update on the 90 TC for sale - just talked to Henry in Ventura who said the transmission (it's 3 years old) is probably electrical and isn't a big thing, but the engine may have a valve problem, and that's expensive. So, I guess it's a parts car. Cosmetically it's a beautiful car with everything in place. I also have some rare stuff, like umbrellas and tool kits, one of which is complete and looks new, manuals, etc, which I'll throw in. If someone can get to central California to pick it up, and will pay something reasonable for it - $1k or less - it's yours. At that price you can probably put a new 6-cylinder motor in it and still have a great deal. Selling the toolkits/umbrellas on ebay would probably pay for half or more. I hate to see such a nice car in a wrecking yard, but I must do something by Wednesday to get the CA state buyback.
  3. 90 red TC with yellow top and tan interior. Just spent a fortune at two different Chrysler dealerships trying to fix some fairly small, mundane issues, but they wreaked havoc on my poor baby, and now it won't get out of 1st gear. It would not smog at registration time, which is odd, but now we have two days to get it to a wrecking yard in another city to qualify for the (CA) state's $1,000 purchase program, and I don't know how we're going to do that. So, it's for sale to the highest bidder. There is a good possibility the only problem is the computer, which the Chrysler dealers could not, or did not, reset. I'm a TC America member, and have been active on these pages on and off for 3 years, so this is a straightforward call for help. TCA members who were at the Carmel, CA, convention may remember this car from it's red and yellow top. It is a fine car, and I will miss it greatly. Please contact me ASAP if you're at all interested. Thanks. "Gavprof"
  4. I think you guys are missing the point. This was Tug Tuggles' car. That's an 8-10k premium in anybody's book. Heck, I'd throw the car out and just keep the name plate.
  5. A fellow from Florida (I think) had a friend run a national search for TC's (he was probably a cop doing a favor) and he said there are 2,000 registered TC's in the US. Karleen and some others believe there are a lot more, but so far as actual registered "living" TC's, I think he's right It would be entirely possible to live a long, long life and never see ONE of these gorgeous cars. What fun to see more than thirty TCs running around Laguna Seca in a very long line.
  6. Not to break your heart, rebeldevil, but there was a complete set, including the oem long plastic tab, for sale at the National for $45. I'm still kicking myself for not buying it. But I did hear they get caught in shoelaces and pants, and that's why most of them are broken or missing. I'm going to find the lebaron one, which is probably a couple of dollars, and will stay on there forever.
  7. Here's a photo from the National meet in Carmel of Elvis with his blue TC...the one with the bullet hole in it. You should have come. That's me just behind him, Red with the Cream hardtop..
  8. Just got back. Great people, great cars, great fun. Congratulations to those who put it together (Karleen & Co.) and all who attended.
  9. Car Chick - just thinking about this, no plan to actually try it, but what do you think would happen if you took off the leather and oiled it from the inside? Again, I've had zero luck with any product, including lexol. I read that neatsfoot oil (because it is the fat in cows' feet or ankles or whatever) can take on a rancid smell over time. I remember reading that TCA ordered new leather seats from the original manufacturer some years back - did anyone of this site get one of them? How do they compare?
  10. Just installed a "Bad Boy" Wolo airhorn. You could probably install it 10 minutes (I took much longer). I've been airhorn shopping for about two weeks, listening to the different horns online, and this Italian and LOUD, and I'm delighted with it. Pep Boys had it for around $50, but I've seen it online for $38 (less S&H). Trying to get my car a little dressed up for the National next week in Carmel.
  11. Car Chick, you know too much. I suspect you are an alien from the planet where these cars were really made. I've tried Meguires (ack) and searched everywhere for Lexol (found it at a horse store). Nothing. I was about to get Glyptol when I read your post. Thanks.
  12. The ad says "glass" but it looks like all my lights have plastic lenses. What's going on?
  13. How did you heat them, and what did you use to replace the laminate? I've been researching this, and there are sheet laminates (film) that are used to laminate glass, but they all seem to require equipment, like UV laminators, to work. I don't want to use something that will deteriorate, and I think leaving a space between the panes will cause moisture condensation, even if the rim is sealed. Also, what was your experience with the decals?
  14. When the same thing happened to me, it was the alternator. If that's the problem, there are 3 listed under TC...make sure to get the right one.
  15. There are some old posts about disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling opera windows. Are there any newer methods than pulling an E string from a guitar through the laminate? I think this will become more important to us all as time marches on. If nothing else, does anyone have a disaster story that can at least tell me what to avoid? Thanks.
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