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  1. Need accumulator fof 91 tc beebee
  2. I like the fuse holder idea & I will do the system check procedure. beebee
  3. Fallow up on blown fuse on teves pump Fuse was fine but socket was complety melted. STRANGE.. beebee
  4. V6 mind failing '' what is ATC? B B
  5. Where is the fuse for the teves pump located? BEEBEE
  6. 91 tc for sale inphoenix az paper 1722 mi white are you ready for this? at $i25000. beebee
  7. Yup my mistake it is 208481.first registered 11/91 build date unknown. Beebee
  8. I took the switch apart one of the pins on the rocker is broke beebee
  9. I need the power door lock switch drivers side 91 beebee
  10. Went out this a.m. past the car; price on the windshield was $3450. Came back later to check it out; car was not on the lot! I'll check it again tomorrow. Beebee
  11. There is a red TC for sale on a car lot here in Prescott, Az. I don't the price or the year of it. I didn't stop to look at it. If anyone is interested in it, let me know and I'll check it out. Beebee
  12. 91 V6 TC Battery decided to commit suicide. Had not been driven in several weeks, so do not know how long it was dead. Anyway, put in new battery; now it does not idle (stalls). What gives?? Does the computer have to reprogram itself?? Beebee
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