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  1. Here's the best photo I have of my first car. 1985 Riviera that I bought off a car dealer's son who's dad had bought it for him brand new in '85. It had basically every option you could get. I rolled it over 200K before I finally had to part with it...great car.
  2. Nice.... Well what is the likely hood of me finding a good one at the junkyard? Is this the kind of item that would be used on later 3800 series engines because I'd think the newer I could go the better off I'd be. Or the possibility of someone here having a decent one could be an option.
  3. I'm working on replacing the crankshaft sensor on my 89 and as it states in the manual, you have to take the bracket and this dampener off... Well I've gotten the bracket off the engine but cannot get this dampener to come off. If i put a ratchet on it, all it does is spin and putting a wrench on the bottom nut doesn't seem to effect anything either. Also after trying this I noticed that the dampener has spilled oil and extends where I don't recall either of those things before. With all this oil coming out is this the end for my dampener? I've looked in the parts manual but am afraid I don't really know where to find the pages to get some relevant part numbers. I'm hoping someone will know what I can do with this and if there are any tricks to removing it I'd like to know. Thanks.
  4. That's some good news at least. Any tips on installing this sensor without the tool? Looks like it's primary job is alignment so I don't want to screw that up when the time comes.
  5. Update: After talking with a mechanic and having him look over the situation the conclusion seems to be that the crank sensor is bad. I've found a delco ignition unit that checked out but still no spark so this seems like the next logical solution. My issue is that the service manual mentions "Special Tool J 37089" My question is do I really need this to install a new crank sensor because they are super expensive online for the one time I'll be using it. Also, should I consider replacing the camshaft sensor while I'm in the area? Thanks for the support thus far.
  6. Well today I took the ICM to a local parts store and had them run the test to see what would come of that...turned out it passed every test they ran on it. So that still leaves me with green goo that has hardened to clean off both the coil and module. I'm thinking about going through the tests in the service manual, I've been reading through it the past few days. Looks like I'll just need to assemble the ignition testers and fuel pressure gauge to get started. Anything I can do to check the crank position sensor?
  7. Hello everyone. With weather here in the mid-60s today I decided to take the Reatta out for a drive only to be left stranded by the side of the road. While driving suddenly the car just shut off, everything still running but the engine and while it would crank it wouldn't start. So I got to enjoy a tow ride home. I have been reading on here about this possibly being the coil/icm as this is an 89 and has the magnavox setup. I took a look around and saw no immediate issues but I did try to remove the coil to find the lower bottom stuck with a green goo substance while the top was firm and un-melted looking. Could this be my issue? After pulling a plug it looks like I am not getting any spark at all. I am hoping to narrow down my options before buying parts and I've got some deciding to do because I've also read up on the padgett upgrade to the delco setup that may be of interest. Thanks for the advice.
  8. While I try to do most maintenance myself from time to time I need a more experienced person looking over my Reatta. I'm hoping someone can recommend a good, trustworthy mechanic in the Columbus Ohio area that is familiar with these cars. I've gone to a local buick dealer in the past and don't trust them after the experience I had so I'm looking for some options as I don't want to take my car just anywhere. Thanks.
  9. None of the parking lights or anything else are on, they do however turn on with the fog light switch as they would normally. I did check and saw that both codes B122 and B123 were in the history, could this have something to do with the light switch? The slider for the interior lights works normally as do the buttons to turn the headlights on and off and to turn the parking lights on and off.
  10. Pulling the relay does turn them off. The BCM is the same, I haven't done anything to reprogram it or switch it out. The fog lights are on if the light next to the fog light switch is on or off, unless the headlights are on then they work normally. How can they be set up to run as running lights? I haven't run into anything like that in the service manual but would be interested to see what the system says if you can tell me what to look for, Thanks.
  11. I've also used Plast-X with great results. Granted, I do have to re-apply maybe once or twice a year, just a quick once over. But the difference from before I used it is night and day, they've never been as bad as they were but do re-cloud a bit. And the stuff is readily available and not expensive.
  12. Hello everyone. Oddly enough after a trip this fall in my 89 the fog lights now come on whenever I turn the car on, it doesn't matter if the fog light switch is on or off the lights are on. However, if I turn the headlights on the fog lights operate normally with the switch and can be turned off but as soon as the headlights are off the fog lights go back to being on constantly. I've tried swapping out the fog light relay with a new one only to have the same result. Does anyone have an ideas as to why this could suddenly happen?
  13. I purchased mine with my high school graduation money when I was 18 and have enjoyed it ever since, I'll be 25 in October. It went from a daily driver to something I only take out when it's nice and I want to turn some heads...although I will say that old ladies really love this car, which wasn't what I was going for but is still appreciated.
  14. I found a product called "Plast-x" made by Meguiar's a few years ago while reading an article in the paper. At the time no one had heard of it so I had to order it from the website and I was amazed at the difference it made, and no sanding required. I've seen it in the local advanced auto recently so I guess it's around now. I just applied it with a rag and wiped it off after a few minutes and it looked new again, real easy.
  15. So I'm currently working on my headlight motors and while I've got items off the car I'd like to freshen them up a bit. I want to repaint the headlamp bezels but am unsure of which type of black paint I should use...flat, satin or glossy? I've looked for pictures but have been unable to find any good ones. I want to get the right finish and thought someone on here would be sure to know. Thanks!