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  1. Out side temp is about 60 degrees - Radiator water temp 170 degrees. The water level is down about 2 1/2 inches before it stops dribbling out. At this point I,m totally confused. It doesn't have an overflow tank. The only pressurized cap I can find for a 1940 120 is for the Clipper model. Gentlemen I thank you for your help. Perhaps things will change when the weather warms up, but for now I'll keep 2 gallons of water in the trunk. Head gasket is OK - no water in oil or oil in water. One eye on the road and the other on the temp gauge. Thanks for the responses
  2. UBB45-ML-446081-ML- Moved to Packard Forum! RWB
  3. Does anyone here know if the radiator is a pressurized system in my car? If pressurized how many pounds? I recently purchased the Packard and when it warms up - water slowly runs out of the overflow tube. The radiator cap on it now does not reach the seat of the fill hole.
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