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  1. Thanks Harry I will be installing this motor this weekend for my customer in Tucson in his 1939 Zephyr. This will be my 14th motor that I have build and I have another one waiting for me in a few weeks. Thanks Frenchy
  2. I posted my latest V12 Lincoln Zephyr engine start up on You Tube last night you will see a few other on this site but mine will be under 1932 Frenchy it will sound much quiter than the others shown. I will be posting a video of my V12 in my 1932 Ford soon. Enjoy Frenchy
  3. Phil it was nice to meet you on Friday. I will be modifying the shifter and will post pictures of it here to show the difference in my Hot Rod Lincoln. Thanks Frenchy
  4. Skip re did the coil for 12 volts I have all 12 volts system for my Hot Rod Lincoln the only thing I left alone was the starter which is no big deal it will start quicker and does not affect it. Thanks Frenchy
  5. There are 4 studs on each side of the block ( center one ) are entering the water jacket area. I just finish building the engine for Harold in Tucson and I put a light coat of special sealer so the the water does not find the way out throught the studs than under the head washer. Thanks Frenchy
  6. Can we get a report on the Santa Maria meet from this past weekend. How did it go how many members showed up. Thanks Frenchy
  7. I had Skip rebuild 2 sets of water pumps for me and rewinding my coil to 12 volts Skip is the best and very resonable and quick turn around. Frenchy
  8. I will have to look for a Lincoln style starter which is a bit longer than the one I have. I figure in the mean time this should work. Frenchy
  9. I decided to drill a small hole at the bottom of the oil pan directly in line with the started drive gear this way next time the starter wants to hang up on me all I have to do is to release the gear with a screw driver and put a rubber plug to cover up the hole made. I will be looking for an other starter that will work better but for now this would be an easy fix. Thanks Frenchy
  10. Peecher is it possible to change only the end of the shaft like the other style without having to change the entire starter I should be able to modify this one what do you think. Frenchy
  11. Phil I will be giving you a call tomorrow morning 11/2/09. Thanks Frenchy
  12. Peecher I appreciate you helping me by posting this picture. On my 1948 Block I use the early flywheel and had the end of the flywheel turned down for it to fit over the end of the crankshaft as well as the inside of the flywheel. So I use the starter at the top. The problem I am having now is at times the starter is getting hung up on the flywheel so I have to loosen up the starter and than put it back in place for it to turn over and start the motor. Thanks Frenchy
  13. Would someone post pictures of early and late starters. I know that there is a difference between certain years. Which will fit in early oil pan vs later oil pan. The difference on the early oil pan is the depth of the colar at the rear of the pan to accept a certain starter. The later oil pan have less depth which can make the difference on which starter you are going to use. Thanks Frenchy
  14. Thank You to all for the great comments I will have the car in March here in Arizona for the next Lincoln Zephyr meet. Thanks Frenchy
  15. I bought mine from Speedway and I modified the main bar with a piece of brass stock. Thanks Frenchy
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