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  1. Thought I should also mention that the manual says that moving the arm one inch will lower the bumper height 1/2". Well you can't move the arm one inch, the slot in the arm with the lcok bolt is only 1/2" long so the adjustment is limited to the length of the slot. In my view the adjustment allowed is very minor.
  2. Toadster, the level sensor is new and is funtioning so bad wiring is not an issue. David, I would be happy to send it to you when I get it out and make sure the new one solves my problem, may be awhile. I plan to park it for a bit since I don't need to drive it, need to reload the wallet. Jayson, since you have already disassembled one, is it repairable? I plan to go the salvage route as well. Also I will check to see if the old level sensor is still around and will offer it to a forum member for shipping cost.
  3. Jack, well I got your faxs and diagnosed the problem as the air ride compressor so I wasted the $270.00 on the level control...bummer, but thats what I get for letting the buddy do the work although there was no labor charge. So now I am looking online for a used air ride compressor, from what I've seen I can get one for around a hundred bucks in decent shape. I have'nt priced a new one but I bet they are $300 +. What is happening is the shocks pump up but won't release air. Every time you get in and turn the key the compressor runs for a couple of seconds so after a few times the shocks get pumped all the way up. The manual pages you sent say this is not serviceable but since it doesn't work I will probibly diasect it and see, just the engineer in me.
  4. Ok, so I have now spent over $600.00 on air shocks and a level sensor and it is still not right. Must be 2-3 inches higher in the back and is stiff. I think they are still jacked all the way up, I looked at another car and the space from the top of the tire to the trim was equal front and back. Is there a calibration on the sensor? Is there a reset or something? HELP!!
  5. Well I bought a new level sensor ($270.00 ouch!!!) since everything else was operational. I am having it put on tonight so I will post and let everyone know if that fixes it. When I dropped it off the air shocks were jacked up to max level and hard as a rock. Stand by!
  6. Hi all, first post to the forum, I bought my 1998 new and have had few problems, still love the car. I just had shocks put on after 107000 miles. the backs are OEM air shocks and when I got it back it appears that it is riding higher than I recall. Can someone measure the distance from the top of the tire to the edge of the trim so I can tell if it needs adjusted? Can the ride height be adjusted? Thanks for the help.