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  1. I need one too, but i don't no if it is the right or the left?
  2. I have one C6 convertible RS too..... in pieces... missing the instrument clusters and the head beam
  3. My car is an C6 but i have no problem to put trim from an CZ on it....my girl shell is an CZ deluxe did i se now when 35cz8 take it up....
  4. Sorry but i have no pictures, and yes i now that is some differens.......
  5. Yes i now but I'm sorry i have no pictures on my car beacourse i have to put it in an container until i got the missing parts..... perhaps i can make an picture on the missing post to the taillight? I can even think that i can have headlight to an 1936 year model if they are complete whit posts beacorse my NOS grillshell is make for them, even it is an 1935 year model......i have to make some pictures on that one too.....
  6. Tack Leif men ingenting av det där passar min bil...
  7. Thanks, i have already the brackets...i need the trim on front of the grille/airoutlet on each side on the hood...and the rear fenders...
  8. Headlamps, post to the left CZ taillight ,instrument, seat 2dr convertible, horn, etc etc
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