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  1. Thanks Tim. The car that needs the spacers is a 65. The 63 has regular wheels on it. Is this thing OK to drive with spacers on it? Or should I be looking for the correct wheels. I don't like the way they center up on the drum, because they don't! I realize they are aluminum and are close to the middle of the wheel, but wouldn't they still effect the overall wheel/tire balance? I am not interested in wheels that are bigger than 15 inches. I don't think they look right. Personal preference I guess. I hope some other folks do chime in about tire sizes. I also would need the right numbers to set up the alignment for steel belted radials. Something is set up a bit different if I remember right. Carl
  2. Can I use what I got safely? Or should I be looking for the correct set of wheels? Carl
  3. I have 4 Riviera's. One 63 and 3 65's. 2 have stock wheels with hubcaps. 2 have the factory mags. I am working to get my daily driver on the road. I just went through the brakes. When I took the factory mags off the car, each wheel had a 1/4 inch aluminum spacer between the wheel and the brake drum. I know these did not come from the factory because they are not on my other Riv, and they fit real sloppy. Like the were meant to fit a host of other cars. There is no way to center them on the drum before installing the tires. I remember someone mentioning that the wheels changed slightly from 65 to 70 for one reason or another. Do I have the wrong wheels? Does it matter? Can I just pitch the spacers? Help! I am confused! I can't see why they are there in the first place. Also, Whats the biggest rubber you can run on a 65 Riviera? The guy at the tire store said 60's could not handle the weight. He suggested 70's. I can't remember whether he said 235's or 255's. But he has never owned one of these either. I would like some feedback from someone in the know if possible. (15 inch wheels) Thanks in advance, Carl
  4. How about putting the head unit in the glovebox? As far as speakers go... I think you may get 3 pair of 6 1/2 in each door, 6 6X9's in the package tay, Possibly some in the reear arm rests, A trunk full of subwoofers, and you still have the stock locations to work with. You need 4 amps. Digitally split the signal from the head unit into 5.1 surround. speakers in the doors are fronts, package tray, rears. Subs to the trunk and the 2 factory speaker locations woul be the canter chanel speakers. Just I thought, Carl
  5. Hi all, I want to mount a gas tank under the bed of a 56 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. Does someone make a kit for this kind of thing, or is it all custom work? If I have to fab it all from scratch, has anyone ever done this before that can clue me in on a good tank to use and what other modifications need to be done to make it work. Do I need to move the exhaust? etc... I would like to be able to fill the tank by flipping down the license plate like on all the 60's and 70's big cars. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Carl
  6. When am I going to be able to renew my membership with the ROA on the computer with a credit card, or paypal? I have been waiting and my membership has expired. I joined using paypal and now that option seems to have disapeared. I realize there has been some changes with the leadership of the ROA, but I do not even own a printer to print out the form on the website. Also, I can not post to the riviera list. Is this because my membership has expired? I want to give you folks my money but you have to give me a computer friendly way to do it. Please. Carl
  7. OK, I am showing my ignorance again. I have a 63 Riviera and when I got it I was told that the transmission was rebuilt, but whoever did it messed up because it will not shift out of first. I don't know much about dynaflows and neither did the woman I bought the car from. Her and her husband had numerous 64's and 65's, but this was thier first 63. From what I have read, the dynaflow is a totally different animal than a TH-400. I believe someone mentioned that it does not shift the same way. Can some one tell me how it is supposed to operate normally so I can figure out if it is functioning properly? Right now I can't get it up to speed because it has no brakes, but when I have moved it in the past, it throws you back in the seat in a big hurry. Carl
  8. I got one of the 65's all tuned up and it sings. Problem is that the car has been sitting for quite a while. When I finally got it running long enough to heat up, I discovered I had a radiator leak. I have a 63 Riviera with a new radiator in it. Is a radiator for a 63 WO air the same as a 65 with air? Carl
  9. Rebuilt my carb and boy what a difference! Only one problem. The choke froze up. I did not remove the piston when I rebuilt the carb. It was moving freely and was dry when I put it back together. I got the piston free and removed it from the carb. I cleaned it all up as good as I could without removing the plug under the choke body. When I went to reinstal the piston into the choke body, the little pin that that fits in the little piston conecting rod and the piece that holds the spring tension came out. I thought it was a screw at first, but there are no threads. There is nothing to retain the thing. It just has two shoulders for each piece. If I try to reassemble as is, it just falls out. Is this thing supposed to have threads? Or am I supposed to smack it with a hammer and mushroom the end? Am I missing something? Is this worth fixing in the first place? Has anyone tried an electric choke? If so, what kind of investment are we talking about and are you happy with the results? Carl PS this thing needs a spell check
  10. Hi all, I am sure I am not the first one out there who has had to replace floor pans on a 65 Riviera. I see that classic fabrication has most of the pans and rockers. What about the trunk pan and the assorted reinforcements for the floor pans? What do I have to fab? What materials should I use and does anyone have any helpful hints to pass on? How about how to treat the new meal so it doesn't rot again? Any info would be appreciated. Carl