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  1. Let's put in my 2 cents..Milages on vehicles when I drove them to the junkyard..Bills Salvage,Conesville,Ia 91 Volvo 740 231,000 miles. Oil:Shell Rottela 10w30 winter,Straight 40 summer. Filter:Purolator 92 Toyota Tercel 193,000 Miles Oil;Castrol GTX 10W30 or Shell Rottela 10w30 year round Filter:Fram Doubleguard w/PTFE(switched to Purolator) 85 Chevy C10 152,000 miles Oil:Shell Rottela straight 40 summer,10W30 winter Filter:Champion,Fram,A.C Delco Personally I am a fan of Shell Rottela.I drive a semi and my current truck is a 2005 Freightliner Century with a 60 Series Detroit rated at 535HP. I got it brand new. It has 373,000 mile on it and during a recent overhead(and to fix a cracked injector cup)the topside looked like new. Thus far I have had to add oil to it one time between service(oil change's at 25,000 miles intervals). I figure a oil that delivers that good on a large hard working diesel engine should handle anything our cars can throw at it.
  2. Hey Nimrod, Not to get off topic and hijack a thread,but I spent 5 years in Germany(Part that was know as the FDR)in Bavaria.The town was Wildlfecken Ge..Also spent time in the state of Hessen at a town called Zweibrucken..Are you anywere close to those 2 towns??
  3. I bought both.The shop,chassie manuels in paper form and CD form...They are both the same.The CD's I have are in PDF format.It containes all the pages that the paper mauels have. The manuels are handier when your working on something as you can set the book right where you are working for reference..
  4. At the rate it's going it will probably be 9 years before it's done Kinda blessed with the boy.He has a X Box,but really dosen't play with it much..I do try to encourage him when he shows interest in working on the car or other stuff like working on the house. Hard part is not getting mad when he breaks something..For instance.I started dechroming the car and he wanted to know what I was doing.I explained to him what I was doing and why..I went to the house for something and when I came back he told me he needed some help. Seems he decided to remove the power antenna for me.What he had done was gotten a flathead screwdriver and tried to get the benzil off.When that didn't work he started beating the screwdriver under the benzil with a hammer. In his mind,since that didn't work he figgured the mast needed to come off 1st...He did succeed in getting the mast off(sorta). As I stood there looking at the carnage he points to the benzil and innocently asked. "Dad,how to you get that off'!!
  5. Grabbed a few pics of my son(7years old)as he "helped" me work on our 69 Riv..Reason he wanted to help was the wife and I were discussing the 08 Riv meet in Galena,Il.It's about 90 miles from our house and I want to trailer the Riv there. It won't be finished or even close..My son came out to the garage and let me know that we had to get busy if we were taking HIS car to a car show. I had forgotten that at one time I caught him walking across the roof and said that he better not play on it and put dents in it because one day it will probably be his Funny how a kid that can't remember to brush his te.eth,take a bath,put away toys or remember were he put Dad's tools can remember that off remark so well!!
  6. Dale, Haven't had a chance to stop.It is still there as of last night..I wasn't sure of the year,but is must be a 65..I will try to find out more on it if I can this week.
  7. Changing color is a question that has been nagging us on our 69.Ours was repainted Black from the Antique Gold..However the "hidden areas" like inside truck lid,inside door,front fenders where the hood closes were not done on the repaint..I am hedging twords putting it back to original paint due to the time and expense that would be saved not having to fuss with those areas.
  8. Dale, I will check on a early Riv that I have seen in a lot in Chicago..It's goldish colored and has the clamshell headlamps.As I write this i'm not sure of the year..It has been there for along time.Did have a tarp on it,but it blew off a couple months ago..The body looks to be sound,but I will need to give it a walk around. The car is located about 2 blocks east of the Dan Ryan(I90/94) on 47th street in a container lot on the south side of the street.
  9. Thanks Darwin, The cooling issue aside.I didn't much care for those open fan blades when I set the timing.
  10. Our 69 is missing it's radiator shroud.I am trying to locate one and was wondering if anyone knows what year shrouds will fit the car.Or do the shrouds of other models with big blocks fit??Thanks!!
  11. Hi Carl, The list is open to anyone.Might have been a server problem that didn't allow you to post.
  12. Hey Alex, The formula for CFM is CIDxRPMxVE divided by 3456 According to my Edelbrock manual the VE(Volumetric Efficiency) of a stock engine with stock manifold is somewhere between 60%(.60) and 85%(.85). I believe your 63 has a 401 CID motor..Let's assume a max operating RPM of 5500rpm and a VE of 100%(1.00). it should be like this. 401 x 5500 x 1.00 divided by 3456 =638cfm. Using these figures a 650cfm carb would be fine.However your VE will be lower than 100% so the computation is more for illustration purposes. Also a carb with vacuum secondaries generally get better milage than one with mechanical secondaries.With vacuum secondaries the carb is more "on demand"..Mechanicals can open when it's really not needed.
  13. Hi All, Have posted this with the list and thought I would put it here too. My wife and I are looking for photos of 69 Riv's with original or repainted code 77(Antique Gold). Our car has been repainted black and we are currently engaged in a domestic debate over what color to paint it.We have found several pic's and think they are code 77 by comparing them to the paint chart.However we have thus far been unable to get verifacation that they are indeed true code 77 or it's modern equivelent....Thanks!!
  14. I just today became aware that this site existed..I have a bad habit of making judicious use of the delete key when list message build up.I probably miss a few thing because of that.
  15. Wonder if the Ed&Sherry will continue to be regional cordinators for the "Tall Corn" Iowa region in addition to there new duties as the ROA's directors??