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  1. Tbird dress kit, and the early vettes, best looking valvecovers ever!
  2. Like the black a lot. I have heard white actually negatively impacts value on these because there are so many white ones. Personally, I like white but I like the unusual colors best. How does an average Tbird trade at 1/4 the price of a 190 SL (and I am generally an SL guy).
  3. I would love a 41 Ply convert, one local to me I have been watching but it's overpriced, around 8k over this one.
  4. Would be hard to ignore at AJ's suggested range if it were relatively local. I kind of like the plain radiator cap, blackwalls and lack of doo- hickeys to make it look like a big boy Packard. Different class of car of course, but more than one guy w/big Packards has told me that for what it is, the 6 in the 110 is outstanding, and generally more durable than the 282 8 in the 120.
  5. First thing I do is take an old blow drier to dealer decals on any new stuff. Cannot imagine any issue here. Start one spot and peel it off slowly. Tougher to melt those Radial TAs than good ol bias ply though. 😁
  6. So this or the avanti for essentially the same $$$... Hmm. You already know my thoughts AJ...
  7. A much better one in CT on fb market for peanuts, in Essex, $1,500 I think. Running, w 28, 29 nose.
  8. A quick look around the field reveals the family's automotive history. 😉
  9. "Always the first Sunday in August. Never a raindate." Show motto! Only two cancellations I am aware of, 2020 and a week of torrential rain about 10 years ago. The postwar to 1980 stuff tends to be good as well. In the past 15 years or so Belltown has conflicted with a big muscle, hot rod show called Maine street in Manchester, so with an original car emphasis, this show works out really well.
  10. Supercub, I posted some pics from Belltown show in General page if interested. Didn't take one of this Caddy but they had some nice stuff, as usual. Unrestored 1932 Packard & 1929 (I believe) LaSalle club sedans. The LaSalle has been a regular at CT shows for as long as I can remember, I have pics of it from the mid 70s.
  11. He must have consulted with the green Dodge business coupe guy on price but... These are really cool and a bit unusual. 36, 37 were great years I think for mopar styling overall. Makes one wonder if prewar small truck market will track with non Classic, non Fords or more like the postwar pick up truck market? Would be nice to see a mopar hobbyist restore this one at home.
  12. Same seller had at least one other car, an A sedan for sale. It was high for condition, IMO. CT still has a pretty strong antique car base. A pal with a few CCCA cars was talking about this Sunday. We lost a few more or less known collectors in the past decade, but a few remain.
  13. I am amazed at condition of chrome and tires, even paint for a car that has spent even just a couple of years unprotected in the elements. A decent amount of chrome on the 120, the grille is chrome not stainless, and windshield divider, bumpers look nice enough, etc. Must be a condusive climate. If that is the case that might be a good catch for someone in the area.
  14. Def a 39 120. Doesn't look too bad for sitting. Curious what type of business is it sitting in?
  15. Great motivation John. Guy who was supposed to do my car did a lot of fancy stuff, flip flop painted ribbons etc. I was cinnected by a classmate, what a dissapointment and waste. "Oh just pay for materials used so far" Ya think, you wasted months of my time pal... Well. You will be excited upon completion I am sure. Love these vintage Buicks.
  16. So true Flivver! Belltown was so good over the years they survived the two moves, plus current location is ideal. The last minute, poorly publicized cancellation of Southbury/Roaring 20s & subsequent moves in a short time span killed that show, formerly a Hershey warm up... Glastonbury fell off as well, mainly due to a decent size club with only a few "doers", I am one less, but it was really that the guy who used to carry the show finally got fed up... But yes, the alternative, stay home, nah, see you in Belltown in 22 sir. 😊 Other good stuff in CT still! Klingberg, Brooklyn, Goshen, Dragone's doing a fall event, others I am sure.
  17. Steve, admittedly attendance was off a bit this year, but still fairly strong. Belltown puts brass, nickel, Model As, and Full Classics in one field that has overflowed in some years, and everything else, 30s through 80s in another field, by classes. But yes, if the number next year looks like this year, spacing them out would make a lot of sense. I love being early enough to grab better shots as cars fill in. The swap this year was off as well, no shortage of model cars and car cleaner, tool guys. But only about a dozen, maybe fifteen guys w good parts or real gas & oil stuff. We bought a tag topper & a hot rod novel type book geared towards teenagers published in 62, I collect those and try to buy everyone I can. I did have higher expectations for the swap to be honest, as I figured a lot of folks would be rearin' to go after this year...
  18. Another shot of open 30, 31s and this guy, while he may not be stock, what a period perfect Ford, at Belltown they stick hot rods in a field across from the main show, even thpugh I know the car, this one was worth the walk! 😉
  19. Been there, your car instantly reminded me of my 56 Chevy, waited months for a local guy who was known to be an ace with body & paint. He primed the car and did nothing for months. Took it to a real shop who re-did the hack job and got it done. Such is life.. Nice bodystyle on the Buick, looking forward to seeing it done.
  20. Always enjoyable to read Keiser's posts and the pics of him as a young guy with his car never get old. 😁👍
  21. Someone mentioned you last week suggesting you might be interested, but you must have missed it. You can't "tag" people here to draw attention to a post, or at least I don't know how to do it. Next year!
  22. I am not sure, I do know whitewalls were discarded. Tom Laferriere could answer some questions on this one though.
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