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  1. Tyler, what did you decide on the A? You could be here next time we take this pic! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  2. I was surprised you struggled so much on that one but never asked about final price. Would you say a light project, or ready to enjoy but needing work? I think the gap can be wide as ready to enjoy but nor full blown, fresh restoration cars seem to be in pretty good supply in Model A world. Any newbie asking is going to get counseled to spend a littke more for the runner. That could have been it but as said, that was a decent enough looking car with a new engine if I remember right. A while can also be relative in the antique car world. Weeks, months, years, personally I figure 3 mos. Typical, 6 or more is a while. Need to sell faster, drop price. Anyway good point mr. CVS
  3. I have a "real" A but think these would be ideal for someone with physical limitations. As I understand it, auto transmission in all or most.
  4. Awesome pic, great to see them united and it goes without saying you must be a very proud mom! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  5. I would prefer that to a DB5 old boy. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
  6. Likely higher than in 2021 given the shift to WFH for so many that has carried through post pandemic. In CT regular is never under $3.15 or so. The direct correlation of course is in the increased cost of pretty much any product requiring shipping. Fuel cost is a major driver of inflation (not political, but an economic fact). One can argue the why but most I think understand it's not a positive trend beyond the cost at the pump.
  7. Dog pic??? Seems to be central to making things happen... πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•
  8. Since it sounds like you have travel time beyond the weeks leading to ACD festival, fall in New England is pretty nice. This year, the Newport Concours runs Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 or 3, of course Hershey follows immediatly after that. Newport is quickly becoming a car destination with two museums. Plenty to do and see otherwise as well. Greenwich, usually a Spring event, is in late October this year, 22, 23 I think. Lime Rock is a great event but conflicts with ACD every year. Still, they draw great cars and racing action is fun as well. Last, September, October are strong touring months for many clubs who do regional events here. We are starting to see some strong events here in New England in the fall. So maybe not one of the three trips this time, but for future. Time is the greatest luxury, if your looking for ways to fill it, good for you!
  9. Why would anyone think that about us?
  10. Great suggestion on donations. Co worker has a place and boat where the dixie fire leveled the town, miraculously his lakehouse and boat survived but others were not so lucky.
  11. Not problematic for me really, but what does "ready to restore" mean anyway? "Oh wait, hang on, the one in the corner needs to sit another year or two in order to be ready to restore. Let me show you something else"....
  12. Seems high for a non runner but I am not super versed in Hudsons. These always remind me of Bill Mcbride - auto ad dealer who lived not too far from us in an apartment building, he had two big postwar Hudsons like this one in the parking lot, they really stood out around 1975 or so... I always liked them better than the step downs.
  13. Agree on price but nice to see street rodders have not gotten to this one. You have to wade through 25 or more late 30s, early 40s Chevy's now it seems to find one thats a restoration or original like this one.
  14. 40 was a good year for Packard styling; in fact, their is a book dedicated to the 40 Packards entitled "A Pivitol Year, Packard 1940" although as pointed out bodys were carry over, great nose despite my '38, '39 bias. The 40s seemed to carry sidemounts a bit better than earlier the 120s. Esp. 37 back. I have a buddy who has been restoring a 40 110 off and on for 35+ years. 😯
  15. I don't hate the term, but to me what constitutes an "upgrade" might be a narrow band in circkes who prefer originality. I might consider cast brakes on a Model A an "upgrade" but crate engines and at, ac,pw, etc. Is not IMHO.
  16. I think those are accesory or optional horns. At least I do not recall my 41 Ply having them. My buddie's 39 Chevy has a set, they were called "Town & Country Horns" and they are pretty loud indeed.
  17. Missed this one earlier. Great looking car! I am iffy on the spare tire covers though, but maybe they belong on it. High teens. Enough Peeing on it! 😁
  18. Prewar nut, interesting coincidence. Since we are both from same hometown, HS pal's dad was a partner but it was a trainer, not a fighter from WWII. Still... Never got a ride but one day they had the crankshaft from the engine undergoing rebuild at his house for some reason, I remember it was about five feet long! His dad had a TR-6 as well. An interesting combo.
  19. I like a lot of books but lately I have been collecting hot rod themed books written for young men between 1955 or so to about 1965. More or less just because they are cool, but I read them also for fun. I have read a lot of tecnical and historic books over the years. This pic in my home office, more downstairs!
  20. "Ed Minnie" the mechanicals, polish gingerly and drive the wheels off it!! Said this before but see Jesse Morton, Morton Coach/ Academy motors Bristol CT on this vintage Buick if a NE buyer ends up with it. He knows these cars well.
  21. Nice to see in a different, but stock color. Nice shape also, hate to say it but the 4 door, straight 6 combo is going to be a tough sell. V8 coupes in restored condition 46 - 48 trade in mid to high teens. Sometimes you see a V8 tudor in the range this car is at. Just my opinion, but seems like $7,500 would be a really good price for this one. Still someone showed this car some love...
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