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  1. I feel your pain, one nice thing about the mainstream Brit cars, like early Fords, is some good supplier sources. The car looks fantastic, BTW!! BTW, you likely know this but I just saw where the New England MGT Register is holding the annual Gathering of the Faithful in Long Island in mid-October. Looks like you could possibly make the meet?? 🤔
  2. Late in the game, but occasional forum poster "Daytona" is also not so new owner of Abingdon Spares here in CT, providing MG T series and now MGB parts. Marty is as honest as they come and he, his team all have MGs. If you still need some odds and ends, highly recomend them. 😊
  3. Owls Head houses quite an MG collection, a lot of other cars and given the auction last Saturday, might have a lot of misc. Cars hanging around as is typical for them. Sadly, Goldenrod Garage in Freeport, I believe is completely closed after the owner's passing last fall.
  4. Yep, definately get the difference and as an Outlaws fan, I guess I am part of the "cult following", besides, I always figured maybe someday I could sneak into the guitar army. Not quite the same after passing of Hughie Thommason but still touring. Saw CDB as well back in the day, a great live band also. Add Alice Cooper and the late J. Geils (vintage racer) to the list of collectors as well.
  5. Skynrd great, but is Green Grass & High Tides superior to Freebird? Hmm., lets not go there. 😁😁😁 Greg, I get it. This could be a dissertation but your seeing what I am talking about, and yes, rap basically sucks. Meanwhe, in CT Bob gets "Keefe" for a neighbor, I get 50 Cent here in CT. Once again, Fairfield county wins.. 😡😉😁
  6. John that's great. My son plans to attend the same show in Sept. here in CT. But that said, the market, and several prominent rock artists point to popular music genres all having a lifecycle of sorts as "the" genre of the time, driven by younger gen. Kids today in general terms are not listening to rock as much. I forget the %, but Rap and it's derivatives are outpacing rock by a large sales margin (I don't like it either, FWIW) We will continue to see it have a place, but the times they are a changin' as has been said... 😕
  7. Exactly what makes the RS the greatest rock band ever. At 57 I can relate to RS fans in their 70s or 20s, a fairly wide spread few other bands can claim. It has been said the R&R era is coming to a close so I suspect they keep that title. Didn't know Charlie was a collector though, interesting...
  8. I like them as well, and may be looking for something when the boy gets his house (in process with a big garage..) and claims the SL as promised. Would give us another indoor slot. I like these but a second go around with a tri five Chevy is tempting also, seating for more than 2 is nice. But I have had an early bird on want list for a while...
  9. Biased because a 41 Ply two door sedan was my first car but they seem to have a happy face to me... 😁
  10. Yeah that might be a good approach on this one Cub!
  11. I forgot to note it seems AJ is taking his usual 10% whitewall tire deduction. 😉 Would love to see it restored, but if a restorer won't do better than 8 or 10k, I bet a rodder would. Happens with As a lot. You see guys hemming and hawing on a $10k coupe. "Older restoration, well, maybe he will take $7k." Then Mr. Rodder then scoops it for asking and is happy to not have to weld a rotbox back together. Who can blame seller if he can better his price by 30, 40% in this case? I think it's a smaller group but surely someone would find this an attractive restoration project?
  12. Love it. If it goes down the road it's got to do better than $10k. Lower windshield is nice and not too big or small, or so obscure parts would kill you. Mid Teens at least, imho.
  13. Randy your bringing out the big boy folks. When my dad was delivering for Mack, he would always comment on how many guys had a vitage truck in a corner. To this day at a show, he will walk right by a Model J Duesey without even a side glance to examine something like the Brockway. Or a Diamond T or a Mack.. Congrats again, you are always turning something great! 👍
  14. I like white interiors in certain cars but having had one, with any use they are tough to keep clean.
  15. Probably ahead of me but you might try A and T sections on Fordbarn. I looked at my Ford contacts (quite a few business cards from NY over the years) but came up empty.
  16. Same. I am much more concerned about how to handle 83 year old dad who is calling 2X a week now, "Hershey is still on, right" 😉😁
  17. Yep I am not 100% sure upholstery is an exact match as it seems the pattern in ours as well as other 120s I have seen differs a little, I cannot say for sure.
  18. Seems spot on. Banjo wheel, clock, heater and radio are all nice, and added turn signals on a car this size are helpful. Ours had "highway gears" and was pretty happy cruising at 60 - 63 mph. I understand it was a no cost option and not all 120s are geared the same.
  19. I totally get that John, and fully understand last year's decision. My only point being, as an AACA member, I hope the club doesn't make any preliminary decisions. More options, getting vaccinated, masking, or staying home exist now vs. the only sensible approach in 2020.
  20. Hopefully the hardworking Hershey Region and National members proceed with all intentions that the show is a go, leaving cancellation decisions to Herco or more likely the state of PA. As election cycles are not as far in the future, and public sentiment is a bit different than last year, hopefully more weight is put on those decisions that impact local economies as well as our desire to get back out there. No reason really, to approach it any other way this year.
  21. Capitol Transmissupn in Hartford. Collector owned, big AACA supporters. Routinely handle older stuff as well as import stuff.
  22. Sold to a great NE collector who pops on here occasionally but needs to be more of a regular. His sweet spot is CCCA stuff 30- 40 so this is branching out for him. Going to a good home in CT!
  23. Saw it but didn't post as I like it, but he is way overpriced despite condition. It's better than our restored 120 was but not by 15k. He is quoting going rate for a 120 convertible, or maybe a coupe this nice hits low 40s.
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