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  1. Great car, and the Great Waldo Pepper was a great movie! 😁
  2. You should post in Packard specific section. Dave pops on and i am not sure he hits general section. Plus, if your new, you need to check it out. BTW, by any chance, need a shop manual, windshield divider chrome and maybe a few other odds and ends? Will make a nice deal, sold our 39 120 a while back, noyhing big but odds and ends keep turning up...
  3. A.C. Hynes, with the elevator to the service department, later a honda dealership now a good area to avoid! Used to go there often as a kid, dad and Gpa were both BOP men in the 60s, 70s. Now back to big ol' Cadillacs...
  4. @rg171352, affectionately referring to Orrie who is well on his way to being a leading source for interesting prewar cars.
  5. I would reach out to Dave Mitchell who is pretty active on fb but not here as much these days. Akternatively he will likely pick up a PM if you send him one.
  6. NE, CT history specifically. The kid has been getting some cool stuff in.
  7. Listed by local up and coming dealer Orrie Simko, who is just north of 30 yet already getting known for prewar and sports cars. Who knows maybe some forum member needs this car.. 😊 https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/cadillac/341b/2514049.html
  8. This was a duplicate post, not sure why delete is no longer an obvious option? 🤔
  9. Not as exciting as some stories, but our 39 Packard did require assistance getting home twice. First was worst, blown head gasket. AAA operator got very frustrated as she could not wrap around "who makes Packard?" "Uh, Packard. It is an antique, they don't make them anymore"... Silence, then, "ok I guess I will enter Packard under make".... Second time was a bad condensor, getting dark and rather than fight with it we got a flatbed home, unfortunately prior car on the flatbed had an oil issue of some sort, which got on my tires and ultimately all over the garage floor... 🤮
  10. Minor adjustment and... Wow a new motto to adopt "Dairy Queen not trailer queen" 😁😁
  11. @Bob Stein, question on your 110 (West or other Packard folk may know this), in 41, did they change the dedign such that the nose on the 110 & 120 is the same length? The '38 to '40 models are about 5" different between the two series. Your car does not seem to have that and it looks really well balanced to me.
  12. Ok West, for some reason I mentally placed them in Washington State, maybe confusing with the Chevy guy out that way. Well,regardless I always had good luck with them and Ron as noted. Only bought from Hirsch once, wonderful repro hubcaps. Three good experiences with Packard parts folks. The jr. Cars seem well supported if OP does go for one.
  13. Great exsmple why different auction houses fit different cars but that said, at first blush looks like a well bought Sr. Packard. Not sure I understand Lebaron coachwork reference but that's 110 money.
  14. A change of this magnitude would require too much retraining. I have to remain pro-can! 😁 Also, patience with scooters guys. At 57, I feel lucky to physically feel 37 more often than 77, especially at Hershey. But remember anyone of us may need one some day. 🤔
  15. Nice looking Packard, Bob. Like the MG in your avatar as well. Echo what has been said already. Having had a Jr. Packard as well, I would recomend Max Merritt who is west coast based, on 90% of what you would need to get one in good running condition. Ron Aquino, if he is still doing it, specializes in Jr. Parts. Hirsch& Kanter (not easiest folks service wise) come to mind. Free catalogs or online will give you some price ideas. Like John, I limit my abilities to one car at a time now, everyone may be different but I find two spreads me too thin, a consideration. A buddy who is very talented is finishing up a 40 110 he has had for 35 years, east coast but I think his plan is to move it along. Mechanics and paint will be well done, interior and chrome will likely be left for new owner. Let me know if you have any interest.
  16. Nick, not trying to be a jerk but what is it you need to know? Lot's of collective Hershey knowledge here, possibly the best source anywhere especially if your asking about hot spots maybe, for marque specifics. Maybe wherever you called was not best venue, or they needed a gentle nudge, both AACA HQ, and the Hershey Region are likely pretty busy this time of year. Hope you make the trip, it is a great event and even some who attend the elite concours rank Hershey equal or above those events. Just some words of encouragement if your contemplating the trip.
  17. Great news! Don't want you grumpy when stopping by to say hello in a few weeks at Hershey Matt. 😁
  18. The black one in CT is still available as far as I know, would be a good comp at $14k
  19. Kerry, I wonder how they pulled off the slide back into the cramped car lot at the end of that scene. You can date the movie by the asking price on the car, no where near $70k! At least Arnold was getting actual script then vs. the one liners in his earliest stuff. "You ah a very funny guy Sully. That is why I am going to kill you last..." 😁😁😁
  20. I actually like the color. It's a bit different and kind of period. I was looking at 71 - 73 Mustangs and while I never disliked them, thinking about how well that design has aged in my mind anyway. Especially the convertibles. On closed cars, it may be me but it seems some reciprical influence on these cars? Diggin the valvecovers on this one, looks tidy under the hood.
  21. Attending Wed through Friday with dad, looking forward to a great meet!!
  22. Thanks for sharing Terry! Looks like great fun! One more tip for Kingrudy is Indian Trail Antiques in Newcastle and Maine-ly Pawn right on 1 in Bristol, if in the area. Both are heavy on automobilia.
  23. Great looking Packard, not sure I have ever seen this one before, plate looks relatively new, wonder if it is a long term CT car?
  24. On a related note, we just got back from annual trip to midcoast, ME, always fun and old cars not too rare a sight on the many backroads. You might be getting better weather than we had, enjoy!
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