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  1. Well it probably isn't a candidate for a long distance sight unseen buy or PB type restoration, but anyone in the area interested in a project might want to have a look.  Think of the days of responding to a classified ad in the local paper or even HMN.  

    A $35,000 restored convertible should have 100 high res shots and a ton of detail for sure.  And national exposure.  But this is likely a project that won't get finished.  To seller's credit, they don't think it's a $35k car nor are they letting it return to the earth with intentions of restoring it someday.  

    But you are right 55, it will take some time and effort, I can tell you in CT this car sits in grey area between total junkers and drivers everyone thinks are Full Classics.  Worth a look I think, for right buyer.

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  2. Thanks Jay.


    Cub, I agree.  First car was a 41 Plymouth 2 door sedan, a bit scruffier than this one at age 14.  Brakes were the first thing we did, Andy Bernbaum wheel cylinder & master cylinder kits for peanuts, (he is still around 45 years later I think) lines, shoes right from local auto store.  Drums checked out and turned at local garage.  A full afternoon and the car stopped like new.  We did axle seals, etc. As well.  My point is it was a cheap, easy car to work on in '77, '78 and likely still is in relative terms.  Layer that on a pretty solid mechanical reputation and it's a great choice for a first prewar, especially for a young or budget minded new hobbyist.

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  3. I know ads without pics are less exciting but at $3,500 asking, for a together car vs. a rusted out hulk, someone looking to get into a prewar car could do so without breaking the bank.




    Maybe someone else will have better luck grabbing a pic or two, which I seem to be having an issue with on fb marketplace lately.

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  4. Different discussion, but forgetting celebrities, what value does a known collector bring?  This I get because it seems reasonable to me to pay a little more all things being equal, if your buying a car from a "marque guru", or maybe just a known collector, someone known not to cut corners.  Has anyone done that?  

  5. On 9/20/2021 at 9:01 AM, edinmass said:

    GM led the design of automobiles for almost 40 years. 

    While a lot of great designs came out of non GM houses, pre and postwar, this statement is not unreasonable.  An advantage the lower priced cars got was high end style influence.  Here Chevrolet takes the upright, v grille of big brother Cadillac and makes one of the most attractive low priced cars of the era, imho.

    1939-Chevrolet-Master Deluxe-antiques--Car-101499737-62e29ee9dc25b7bcd8e7238830050ad9.webp

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  6. We have an active group of R107 chassis, or Mercedes SLs 72 - 89 on another site.  A few had celebrity ties, a friend has an SL that was originally Pamela Anderson's.  I had to think about which 80s blonde it was so generally, at least to me it means little.  He did not buy the car for that reason and in fact, it wasn't even noted/promoted in the sale.  It was just another neglected SL but he has paper trail and I would expect, will promote it at sale time.


    To me, a celebrity who was a true car person, Gable, Cooper, or more recently say James Garner, etc. Would add value.  Of course market determines the value we only determine if we might pay more or not.

  7. 11 minutes ago, bugnbox said:

    I’d rather he remain ignorant…it suits him. 😉

    Perfect.  Now back to your quest.  As an aside, we have seen some dusty cars clean up really well here.  Any thought on next steps, would also be cool to see what that may be.

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