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  1. Yep I know the Seville was not slapped together. A pal's mom got one when they first came out and it was a big deal!
  2. I think the other two were followers tacking the bustle back to existing platforms, unlike the Seville which was designed that way. Ford really seemed to mail it in on it's answer to the Seville in general. Like them or not, at least Seville's were not badge engineered like the Lincoln Versailles (sp?).
  3. Love the color combo but agree that while nice, more of a reconditioned good original vz. 13k me creampuff. Better than a lot of them though, I think.
  4. Absolutely love this, I really like the earlier 35 - 37 Jr. Packards. Looks like no corners cut. Not sure on price, but maybe it is market, big jump up from sedan to coupe, and then again to an open car.
  5. 68 Lemans guy dropped his price to $12k. Your boy couldn't get in too much trouble with that one AJ. 😊
  6. Well it probably isn't a candidate for a long distance sight unseen buy or PB type restoration, but anyone in the area interested in a project might want to have a look. Think of the days of responding to a classified ad in the local paper or even HMN. A $35,000 restored convertible should have 100 high res shots and a ton of detail for sure. And national exposure. But this is likely a project that won't get finished. To seller's credit, they don't think it's a $35k car nor are they letting it return to the earth with intentions of restoring it someday. But you are right 55, it will take some time and effort, I can tell you in CT this car sits in grey area between total junkers and drivers everyone thinks are Full Classics. Worth a look I think, for right buyer.
  7. Yep depends on a few things, the make, model and color combo makes a big difference. This one looks ok to me, but if I go for a Caddy of that era I prefer the Eldorado. I really like the first generation Seville in 76 or 77. I know they put a lot of effort on the interiors so you knew you were in a Cadillac.
  8. Thanks Jay. Cub, I agree. First car was a 41 Plymouth 2 door sedan, a bit scruffier than this one at age 14. Brakes were the first thing we did, Andy Bernbaum wheel cylinder & master cylinder kits for peanuts, (he is still around 45 years later I think) lines, shoes right from local auto store. Drums checked out and turned at local garage. A full afternoon and the car stopped like new. We did axle seals, etc. As well. My point is it was a cheap, easy car to work on in '77, '78 and likely still is in relative terms. Layer that on a pretty solid mechanical reputation and it's a great choice for a first prewar, especially for a young or budget minded new hobbyist.
  9. I know ads without pics are less exciting but at $3,500 asking, for a together car vs. a rusted out hulk, someone looking to get into a prewar car could do so without breaking the bank. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/278829717185816/?ref=facebook_story_share Maybe someone else will have better luck grabbing a pic or two, which I seem to be having an issue with on fb marketplace lately.
  10. Different discussion, but forgetting celebrities, what value does a known collector bring? This I get because it seems reasonable to me to pay a little more all things being equal, if your buying a car from a "marque guru", or maybe just a known collector, someone known not to cut corners. Has anyone done that?
  11. Hoping the trend now is one fix enhances the other. If timing correction reduces heat challenges, coolant flow becomes less of an overall concern. But will now be optimal which is great for long term. Misc. Leaks, retourque everything and maybe rear main might be all that remains.
  12. Yep and still a fairly fresh wound 6 years ago when you passed what I thought would be a pretty good stumper AJ! I had to dig a bit for those shots. What a cool car!
  13. In the rough. Well, not rough but unrestored. Admittedly I was impressed by a friend who was able to ID this car from one shot a while back.
  14. Great shot, thanks for sharing. Days like that are the best!
  15. While a lot of great designs came out of non GM houses, pre and postwar, this statement is not unreasonable. An advantage the lower priced cars got was high end style influence. Here Chevrolet takes the upright, v grille of big brother Cadillac and makes one of the most attractive low priced cars of the era, imho.
  16. Hillarious. Many other jokes were exchanged as you can imagine Matt, not suitable for this site. 😉😁
  17. We have an active group of R107 chassis, or Mercedes SLs 72 - 89 on another site. A few had celebrity ties, a friend has an SL that was originally Pamela Anderson's. I had to think about which 80s blonde it was so generally, at least to me it means little. He did not buy the car for that reason and in fact, it wasn't even noted/promoted in the sale. It was just another neglected SL but he has paper trail and I would expect, will promote it at sale time. To me, a celebrity who was a true car person, Gable, Cooper, or more recently say James Garner, etc. Would add value. Of course market determines the value we only determine if we might pay more or not.
  18. Thank you for sharing that West. As stated above, a life well lived. Condolences to you and your entire family.
  19. Powerglides were also used due to only one shift. Longevity probably was not a big concern.
  20. Yeah, I think original CT owner listed for around $10,500 a couple weeks ago, credit to flipper for a reasonable markup. I like this one a lot, you could go to a few events before you see yourself.
  21. Cannot seem to grab pics but here is a cool 68 Lemans w ohc 6, 3 speed. Looks nice for $13k. I saw original owner listing 3 weeks ago, so flipper has it but has done no apparent harm. I like the 68, 69 nose, very clean looking car. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1016172172552307/
  22. Perfect. Now back to your quest. As an aside, we have seen some dusty cars clean up really well here. Any thought on next steps, would also be cool to see what that may be.
  23. @bugnbox, are you planning to send a copy to the idiot insisting you bought a kit/homebuilt? 😉😁
  24. Any color but gold. Just now coming around on the gold late TA but this then popular color would be a nonstarter for me on this year GTO also
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