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  1. Thanks guys, will follow up as soon as I am back in town. Regards Rod
  2. I have a 37 President that has a hole in each door that was for the 1/4 window , however I have no information as to the configuration of the window . The car when I obtained it had had them removed . I would appreciate assistance in obtaining a set or at least a picture of them I have attached 2 pictures, the first being of the car when I obtained it and the second is of a door showing the holes thanks Rod
  3. There is a steel core bush that runs thru the rubber parts that is not shown, what I am trying to ascertain is where on the bolt goes the 3 washers. 2 of the washers have the centre hole diameter that permits it only to go on the bolt not where the steel core bush fits but what goes where. The washer with the large diameter hole either fits above or below the cross member, but I am not sure which ?
  4. Attached is a photo of what I believe are the component parts for a 37 President rear engine mounting, There are 3 washers in the centre and I don't know exactly where they fit on the bolt or their position in relation to the cross member. Could somebody please advise, thank you, Rod
  5. Unfortunately the car came in parts and quite a few were missing, I am trying to find out if the 36 -37 are possibably interchangeable. I have to find out first and get back to you. I appreciate your help
  6. I am seeking a clutch housing shield and pan for a 37 President 3C. It comes in 2 parts and is shown on the attached as E5-4 (Part number 188674 for the shield ) and E5-5 ( Part number 189535 for the pan) Any assistance as to where to enquire would help 37 Pres, Pan,lower clutch housing0001.pdf
  7. Would you have any 37 President 3C parts, in particular a water pump or kit. part number 184113 I am also chasing a clutch housing shield part numbers 188674 & 189535. Regards Rod 37 Pres, Pan,lower clutch housing0001.pdf
  8. Would anyone have a 37 President water pump kit for sale or could direct me to hwhere I might obtain one ? regards Rod
  9. Don Would you please send to me your email address as I cannot get to you on the Bresdan host rod.phil@bigpond.net.au
  10. I do appreciate the assistance, I have been contacting all my sources here in Aust but at this time nothing. I know that the joint was used on other makes but the interchange manual I have does not give any joy. I have had to resort to taking the X section to the local vintage car club and hunted thru dozens of yokes to see if I could get a match , but to no avail. If you find the part that would be terrific. Please let me know Regards
  11. Hi rbk, sorry I have not got back to you sooner, I have taken a break from work and took my wife to Bali ( only 3 hrs flight from Perth) Thought it might be good idea before I pay for the spraypainting. The unijoint I have is the sliding spline with X shape bearing. Regards
  12. I have the G1 shaft that joins to the diff so I can get the spline, I have ordered a copy of the interchange manual and hope to get a possible replacemant that way, I case I can't get a part I shall obtain a u joint and match a yoke, then I should be able to machine a female spline off the long shaft. I know it is a bit of a perfomance but it is nothing like the performance I did in the parts shop. If I can get a interchange part number would you assist me with possible people who may have one. I do thank you for your help... Regards Rod
  13. I am seeking a universal slip joint with the yoke. It is the universal joint at the rear of the overdrive and takes the propeller shaft from the diff. The part number is G2 all bits as shown in the President 8 " Catalog of Chassis Parts" I need the primarily the bits numbered 2,3,4,5,6. I know you have all heard this before but I LEFT it with a parts shop so they could match the fitting of the universal exactly and they promptly lost it . (@#$%) This part, I understand is used on other Stude vehicles but I don't have the interchange manual. So much fun !!
  14. Don. I don't know if this would be any help but , wheel pullers were not readily avialable when I needed to remove a hub from an 1928 Plymouth ( a car from the dark side ) so all I did was loosen the nut back about 3 turns and drove the car around the paddock and checked it about every 50 metres or so. Took some 15 minutes but the wheel came loose. This type of wheel was fitted with a keyway and a fine thread that held the axle into the housing. I am not a big fan of hammers and old iron. Another way maybe is to cut a small tin can into the shape that will fit as a cup into which you can pour some penetrene or simmular and leave for a couple of days siliconed onto the stub, then take if off and apply heat so that the lubricant when reapplied soaks into the stub further and so on, THEN apply the wheel puller if you have one, So much fun should be enjoyed with a couple of beers an a milk crate to sit on.
  15. G'day George There is another part I am chasing if it is ok, the spacer between the glass in the front windscreen. Regards Rod Phillips rod.phil@bigpond.net.au
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