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  1. Anyone have a picture of what the rear roof trim looks like or how it was handled on your 28,29,or 1930 sedan restoration ? I am aware that the side trim was a rain channel. Attached is a photo of how my rear roof aligns with the metal skin. Tks, Chet...
  2. Hi Tom, I didn't know they had double face mastic tapes for glass. I'll check into that. I was thinking of gluing in a 1/8" rubber gasket and then gluing the glass but the double sided tape sounds like the right stuff for the job. BTW... Is there a setting for this forum to bring the most recent post to the top when you open a thread. I couldn't find any settings for default display.
  3. As you may be able to tell from the pictures the window was removed prior to painting the car. All the glass is back in except for this rear window. It had to be removed, it was held in place with glazing compound. Also I redid the wood framing and I couldn't accomplish that with the window in place. So I guess that ship has sailed. Any other suggestions appreciated. Tks, Chet...
  4. Here are two pictures. The car is wood framed with metal skins.
  5. Anyone have any experience replacing the center rear window in the 29U. I don't believe there was any gasket. Is it just black silicon RTV could use some suggestions. Thanks, Chet...
  6. Thanks but I did find what I needed. Many thanks for getting back to me.
  7. Thanks all, I did stumble across one with a little help from a friend. I will check out the 28 Ply Parts post. Always good to have a spare. Chet...
  8. Thanks, Forth Wayne Clutch & Driveline didn't have one. As a last resort they may be able to piece something together if I can't fine anything. Pressure plate from Ply 1928 to 1932 will work but still nothing in stock. As I am sure you know that's the problem with a 90 year old car. Chet...
  9. I am looking for a clutch pressure plate for a 1929 Plymouth U. I have an old Interchangeable parts book [Chilton] from the early 30’s. I could not find any markings on the pressure plate but Chilton shows it as EJ10 13 in it's interchange parts book. Chrysler Part number: 42233 I believe this pressure plate (Chilton EJ10 - 13) was used on : 1927 Whippet 93A Rockford Clutch 1928-29 Whippet 98 1930-31 Whippet 98A 1928 Willys-Knight 56 1928-29 Will
  10. The POC seems to be tuned into Facebook these days. Chet...
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