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  1. I have a set of Remingtons on my '82 Conv. I'll have to check for the numbers, but you can see the whitewalls. People always comment on the "R" on the whitewalls. Many think it's a special Riviera tire. I'll check back with the size of the tires and whitewalls. No complaints on the ride or tracking. T. '82 Conv
  2. Jayson, mine works. Had a little problem getting the cookies to take. Had to adjust the Zone firewall. Still having a problem with pics. It keeps telling me that the files are too big. I'll keep trying. T. ROA #9343 '82 Conv
  3. Hey Tom. I have an '82 Convertible. Try EBay. Search Buick Riviera. I think I've probably seen everything that you are looking for. There's a guy in W. VA. that I have gotten several parts from. I'll c/p and forward your post. T. #4393
  4. Hey Mike, I have an '82 Convertible. I think mine is different. I think it locks when you shift out of Park and unlocks when you shift into Park. Recently it has stopped working. A few years ago I had it fixed. I think the circuit board was behind the glove box? I intend to take it back to the same auto electric guy. I'll print your post and ask him. As I recall he fixed it by soldering a connection on the board. T. #9343
  5. Anybody in the Los Angeles area have any experience with getting wheels re-chromed? I see a couple advertising in the Riview. T. #9343
  6. David, thanks for the work. No doubt that it's better! Is it my old eyes, but I still can't see the "R's". There's an R on the hub and on the whitewall. Can you see them? How did the ROA on the rear window come out? T. #9343
  7. Thanks for all of the information. This is only a drip when compared to the waterfall of reorganization. However, you did mention the most recently received Riview. The last Riview that I have received is July-August. I have heard in the e-mail discussions, that others have recently received a "new" issue, I haven't. September-October soon? T. #9343
  8. Jim, that's not what I was asking. In other forums, if you are following a particular thread and there is a new reply, you can opt for an e-mail notification. For instance if you ask a certain question, when a reply comes, you know it and don't have to log back in to the forum to keep checking. Actually, this one works the same way. I found it in the options I think. The wheels look strange on the picture of my car. They are the slotted chrome road wheels that were an option. T. #9343
  9. Whew! it took me a while to get in here as a registered user. I think I had cookies blocked. Anyway all is well now. Looking forward to checking out all of the threads. Is there an e-mail notification for specific threads? ROA #9343 '82 Riv Con