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  1. Hi Guys. I`m trying to find a 1971/72 Riviera for a customer. It must be in overall good condition. It must have bucketseats and floorshift, preferably original, but mild custom is okay. Now you probably ask yourself, why I´m asking here ?? Well I´ve been a member of ROA for several years and noticed how you Guys help each other and now I hope you can help me find a good riviera for this guy. This is for now a request, but if a good car shows up, it can very fast turn into a sale, since this guy has the money. In case of a sale the car is going to Denmark and I know that some of you might have a problem with this, but I know this buyer and I garantie you that this car would be treated like a familymember. Thank you for your time !! Kind regards. Brian Hansen
  2. Hi guys Thanks for your answers My own research also indicated, that the full size Buick rear axles was unique to Buick, but very often a different perspective helps. Does Curry Enterprises have a website? I have been searching the Net but I cant seem to locate them. I know of several Rivieraowners here in Denmark who wants to upgrade their rear axle with posi and another gear ratio and they would be very interested in Curry Enterprises.
  3. I have identified the rear axle on my own Riviera and it does not have a posi, which I would like to have and I would also like to change the ratio. My question is: Is my only option to find a used rear axle with posi, from another buick from the same years, or can you buy new parts for the rear axle I have.
  4. My question is regarding the rear axle on my 66 Riviera. What are my options if I want to change ratio, or to positraction or something similar. Are there any aftermarket option, or do I have to look at the "junkyards" My second question is regarding a friends 67 Skylark. I can´t identify rearaxle. It has <span style="font-weight: bold">A CC 2482</span> stamped on the axletube, but I can´t find that code anywhere or am I just not looking the right places ??? Any help will be appreciated, thank you!!
  5. That sounds very interesting, but I dont know of anyone, who tried anything like that. Just finding someone who knows how to repair a dynaflow is a problem in Denmark. But there is hope !!!!, there is a lot of classic UScars going to Denmark these years, and a good portion of them are Buick´s (I´m doing what I can to get more Buick´s to Denmark). I have talked with a transmission repairshop and they know a little about the dynaflow and have started to do some research to improve themself. We cant let one of the smoothest automatic transmissions ever made die in Denmark, just because of lack of knowledge.
  6. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">One other thing you might be glad to know. You can push start a car that has a dynaflow in it. The car being pushed/pulled needs to take off in N until the speed reaches 35 mph. At that point pull the lever into D and the engine will turn over and you can start it. Says so right in the chassis manual. </div></div> And it works, I have tried it on a 1958 Limited 4 dr. We pulled it with an old VW Golf diesel, it almost killed the VW, but we got the Limited started. I have got a dynaflow in my 61 Electra 225 Convertible and several people here in DK has asked me why I dont put another gearbox in it (poor gasmileage bla, bla)?. Why should I, it is the ultimate gearbox for a cruiser !!!! and is that not, what these classic cars are all about? Lean back, light tap on the speeder and enjoy the ride.
  7. This is another reason why I welcome this new forum. So all of us, who didn´t know what was going on in the top of ROA, dont have to be bombed with email topics that we can´t have an oppinion on, because we dont know any of the facts. With this forum we can go straight to the topics of interest. I also have to say something positive in this my first post. I have already gotten a lot of useful information from ROA. The only time I asked a question I got a quick, pleasant and very useful response from Darwin Falk. To all of you who make ROA a source of useful information, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Hope that I can help you as much as you have helped, some day.