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  1. Addendum to my last post: According to an entry on my page, which said "Welcome, Jeffrey17" "You last visited: December 31st, 1969 at 23:00." If any of you have been wondering where I have been for the past 40 years, this statistic is NOT about me. Indeed, as a relatively longtime user of tools computational (since 1972) I am quite sure this forum did not exist in 1969! Seriously, I am indeed new here, so pls treat this newbie, although old in years, with compassion.
  2. I am new, with a mostly unmolested 1937 47. All but two others (Model A & AA) of my projects are foreign (all English plus 2 SAABs), so I have much to learn about Buicks. I have the shop manual but it is woefully bare of such useful information as how to remove the hood! Is there a more comprehensive manual? I have seen a reference to a 1928-42 master chassis parts manual, but at roughly $100 I didn't want to buy it if it was not fairly thorough. Any pointers would be most appreciated!
  3. Thank you! This is precisely what I needed. I'm also glad to know that the 47 is rare. Aside from the '29 Ford I've owned since 1957, all my other old cars are British, and the suppliers are mostly very different. I do own some rarities though: 1975 Jensen (Healey) GT (510 made), four other Jensen Healeys (10,556 made), and a 1965 Austin Princess (3384 made--mine built for the British ambassador in Washington), plus an MG TD, and some newer ones of various kinds.
  4. I am a new owner of a 37 47 that is 98% original (even has the engine decals intact!). But the upholstery is in need of replacement (front set already redone sometime but badly and in need of replacement). Can anyone direct me to information about and possibe suppliers of appropriate replacement fabric?
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