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  1. Don, Thanks for the information. I will pass it on to my friend. I know exactly where D&M Corvette is since my Vette spent many an hour there having things taken care of that I couldnt do myself. I havent joined the BCA as of yet or the Chicagoland Chapter. In fact I havent been to sure I was even going to keep my Buick. Since I still have it I will look into joining those soon. Thanks for the information! Darwin, Please forgive me. It was late when I did my first post. I hope I made enough changes to my profile to show my name and ROA Number. Your right I should have listed the post for a 1970 windshield. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later
  2. Here is my Daily driver. Its a 66 with 61,000 miles on it. Yeah I should find another car but why not enjoy it while I can! I hope the picture comes thru.
  3. Hello Everyone, Im Greg and new to the Forum. I hope this works better for me than the email list forum. A friend of mine at work is trying to locate a windshield for his 70 Riviera. Is there any chance someone knows of a good place to find one, and if possible around the Chicago area? Any information would be helpful. Also, its March 11th and I still havent recieved my copy of the Rivew. Heck I dont even know if my membership renewal went through. Hope I get it soon!