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  1. Does anyone have modern paint formulas or codes for Heather Rose and Sapphire White colors as used on the 1955 Dodge Royal La Femme?
  2. One just sold on Ebay about a week ago. supercharger on ebay
  3. Thanks for the code guys. Does the Dupont paint hold up to the heat on the engine block?
  4. I was at Rural King yesterday, they had it priced at $69.99.
  5. The front fenders have a sharper rake down into the running boards than Paige. The hood louvers look wider also. And yes, I noticed those downward pointing door handles. I wasn't sure if the disc wheels had demountable rims. Oh well, there goes my guess!
  6. I'm looking for some NOS or good used rear split bumpers for a 1970 MGB.
  7. I think there is a gentleman in Michigan named Buck Boudeman that builds replicas and restores originals.
  8. The body does look like a Paige, however, I've never seen a Paige sedan with a side-mount spare tire, only rear mounts. Maybe its a 1924 Jewett?
  9. Try checking with Butch Williams at Service Motors. Phone is 574-664-3313.
  10. The part # is CFT3EH. The measurements seem to be a little different than yours, 19 1/4" long, 4 3/8" wide, 8 1/2" tall. It fits fine in the original tray for my sedan though. My local store's number is 574-753-2030.
  11. They have a website, ruralking.com, have several stores in Indiana. I can check when I get to my shop if there is a part number.
  12. Looks like woolies may have it...where are you located Cal Jewett? Maybe we could combine orders and save on the overseas shipping?
  13. I would like to know if you find anything. I'm restoring a 1920 Paige sedan and I need the same thing. I have a friend with a glass shop that has let me go through all of his catalogs but I haven't found anything as wide as the originals.
  14. I found one that fit my 49 22nd series deluxe sedan at a local farm supply store, Rural King.
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