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  1. My Mom and my Dad's Mercury somewhere in the Valle Del Sol. I'm guessing somewhere around the Hedgepeth Hills, but I really have no clue . . .
  2. Like the Weymann in Morocco. Has anyone ever seen the Weymann car in Morocco since it went there? Or the 2 cars that were lost in Algeria?
  3. Could be but the vents on the side of the hood have me scratching my head. Perhaps it's because there are very few shots of a 1941 Cadillac from this angle . . .
  4. I'm sure someone here can identify this car. This is my mother, in Clinton, MO. some time in the 40's. I feel like it's a GM product, but I can't place it . . .
  5. I know this is an old thread, and I know I hardly ever post here because I don't have a classic car, and perhaps no one can divulge the information, but did Sakhnoffsky's Hayes coupe go out-of country too, or did it just disappear in one of those collections where no one sees the cars for decades until the owner dies? I know the Weymann coupe went to Morocco and can't come back, but the Haye's coupe is, in my opinion, the best-looking l-29 Cord ever built. I am one of the odd men out that always thinks closed cars look better than open ones, especially a well-done coupe . . .
  6. Stutz, yes. Pierce, yes. McFarlan, yes. Simplex and American Underslung, no. The one I haven't seen mentioned yet is White. White also built a dual valve T-head.
  7. McCauley's original Brown Bomber. It didn't stay like that . . .
  8. The ones on each outer ends are Nationals. '11 or '12's. Is the one in the middle a Packard?
  9. Bucciali did the wheels for the Peerless V16 prototype.
  10. Obviously based on the later Mercer. The original 1909 Roebling-Planche, had no headlights, cowl-mounted searchlight, or monocle glass screen.
  11. That is not a Super Beetle. It is a Standard. Volkswagen stopped importing the Super Beetle to North America after the 1975 model year, except for the Cabriolets, which kept coming to the U.S. thru 1979. 1979 was also the last year for the Standard Beetle in North America. The rust repairs on that car will be significant. Floor pans, heater channels, the area around the battery box, fender well areas, and, of course, the dreaded Foam of Death behind the crescent vents are all areas that will, more than likely, need a large amount of attention.
  12. Reviving this thread because I think there are a great many misconceptions about this car and a great many of them were put paid when Life magazine released pictures in 2010 that they took at the Tucker plant just before everything there was auctioned off in 1950. There are only 4 "lost" cars out of the original 50 pilot cars. #1018, 1023, 1027 and 1042. #1018 was wrapped around a tree in New York State in 1949 and broke in half when it was pulled away from the tree by the tow truck. Both halves of the chassis still exist, as well as the engine but not all in the same place. There were
  13. My email address is : eddiecremer4@gmail.com. If you have T-head engine drawings and/or chassis drawings, I would love to have them. I would really like to model the Raceabout in Sketchup, but without drawings, it isn't very easy.
  14. I know this is a long shot but I didn't figure it would hurt to ask. I have lurked here for years and read lots of threads, but don't contribute because I do not have a classic car and probably never will, but I love them just the same. I am working on a project and I would really like to have an accurate drawing of a Mercer Raceabout in front, rear, side and top views, and engine drawings that could be scaled. I had a drawing of the engine in an old Automobile Quarterly, but I lost it somehow. If anyone has some drawings they could scan and post, I would appreciate it.
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