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  1. Curious, was the optional 425 also silver, or were they green like the rest of the line? Did the 425 get the red wrinkle finish, or black on the air cleaner. At least we have an idea what shade of silver to look for. Thanks guys.
  2. Take the screw out from the center, then the ring rolls out of the head and there is a screw in the base that it registers against. It's pretty simple once you get the screw out of the center.
  3. Bedford eh? Thanks ! Yes, I have the SMS website up now checking out options. After talking with the local trim shop, I'm looking at how much I can do with "over the counter" stuff from Clark's and the like. I am remembering why most of my builds have been Resto-Mods.
  4. Well, Clark's doesn't even sell the dyed light blue headliners anymore. They do have the alternate colors I was thinking about in stock though. Hmmm.
  5. Nah, they come apart. I'll have to take a look at my spare, but I know I took Dad's apart to clean it.
  6. Thanks Ed, I figured I would try Great Stuff. It actually has some give if you need it. That is the point of a padded Dash after all.
  7. Thanks Ed, Yes Haircell was the texture I was looking for. I checked out the SMS website, and WOW, do they have an assortment of patterns/textures. This dash is the victim of a stereo install gone wrong so I figure to use the technique on the ROA site to repair and recover it. The other option is to install one of the good 64 Dash pads I have with a piece of fabric installed in the speaker hole to hide the accessory cables. I really don't like that option.
  8. Thanks Ed. I guess they figured the codes associated with the seats belonged together.
  9. I forgot the underscore in my username, no wonder I couldn't log in. I apologize for any confusion. Jim C remembered, which is cool. The 63 should be ready for paint in a couple of weeks. It looks like I will stick with the Diplomat Blue. Does anybody have a dark blue interior with a headliner that is NOT light blue? Could you post pictures? Should any decent interior/trim shop be able to get the correct vinyl for the dashboard?
  10. Just to follow up, we ordered the dual master based on the length of the shoulder that goes into the booster and it worked out fine. Dad is cruising with his dual master and feeling much better about life.
  11. Hi there. I found you guys with a google search for Flathead Pontiac (Imagine that). I've been a car guy for over thirty years and love to mess with old tin and iron. I have a Flathead Straight eight sitting in the shop with a Hydramatic transmission and was wondering what performance parts are available for these engines? I managed to find a Mallory dual point, so I figure there must be other parts available. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  12. Do we have a Riv Sightings area yet? Watching CMT and Bucky Covington has a 64 Riv in his "Different World" video. Any idea who's it is?
  13. How do you identify the Bendix vs Delco? Is the name on it or is it the part number. The parts guys I'm working with only know that "One has a bigger nut than the other on the brake lines".
  14. This has been covered before on the mail list but I thought I would introduce the topic over here. What master cylinder has been used? The parts house guy says the difference in 67-68 Riv master cylinders is the size of the line nut but, I seem to remember somethng about a difference in Brake Booster manufacture affecting the master cylinder used. I have a few people saying that a proportioning valve is not needed however, all the late sixties trucks and muscle cars I've converted over to disc had proportioning valves from the factory with four wheel drum brakes. I'm leaning towards the proportioning valve from an A-body if I can't find one from a full size car. How much difference is there between a P/U prop valve and a car Prop valve?