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  1. Thank you Sir. That is the number that I had from a few years back but nobody is responding to the messages left on the voice mail for that number. He must not be doing those knobs anymore???
  2. Does anybody have contact information (telephone and/or email) for Skip Boyer.I left a couple of messages on the contact number that I have but have had no response.Is he still reproducing the interior white knobs for a 1938 Buick Thank you for your help
  3. Is Skip Boyer still reproducing the 1938 Buick interior plastic knobs? If so does anyone have contact (telephone and/or email) information for him. I have phoned and left a message on the telephone number that I have but I have had no response. Thanks for your help
  4. Grant You are correct these rear bumper Gravel Guards also came on a Chevrolet
  5. Thanks for the pictures Brian they are very helpful
  6. Thank you all for the information. Black it is. I didn't know there was such a piece either until I took my freshly completed car to a local Buick enthusiast to have a look and he commented about the missing rear gravel guard. I started to look for one and eventually found the one that is about to go on the car. I don't beleive it is an after market item. I think all 1938 Buicks came with this piece installed from the plant. Thanks again
  7. I am still trying to figure out how this piece goes on but I believe that it attaches under the bumper brackets and sits on the bottom edge of the rear bumper. It is a "V" shaped piece that runs the full length of the bumper and protects it from debris kicked up by the rear tires. Do you still have any parts for your self shifting transmission that you had at one time?
  8. There has been some discussion on the internet today as to the correct color for the Gravel Guard that is mounted to the rear bumper. I have one of these that I am about to install on my 1938 Buick and I would like to know if this piece is painted black like the bumper brackets or body color. Thank You for your help
  9. Dave Do you have a contact# for Wallace Dade in Dallas? I have talked to Waldron about the mufflers. Do you have a formula for the correct original interior paint color for the 1938 Buick that goes on the steering column, shift lever and emergency brake handle. Thank you for your help Walter
  10. Can anyone give me a lead as to where I can find a reproduction of the muffler for a 1938 Buick Special. The muffler on my car had the number GM#1305155 stamped on it. In addition what tire Manufacturer did Buick originally use in 1938? Thank you for your help
  11. I would like some information on who may reproduce floor boards and trunk floor boards for a 1938 buick coupe. Please email any leads to wpalubiski@hotmail.com. Thank you for any help Walter
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