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  1. Thanks Guys I think I'll go and put me in a corner and ashamed. I have looked in my manuals but missed both of those tips my god what careless man you can be:(
  2. Hi Guys can someone tell me how you remove the light switch from the dashboard on my -39 Buick? I can not take a chance because I only have these parts. Also, how do you attached the new knob on the pin i can´t see no stop screw or such, glue??? Thanks Janne
  3. Hi can someone advise me to the correct clips to use for the side mouldings for my 39 Buick ? as i got the car in boxes i dont have a clue thanks Janne
  4. Yes Ben, i think thats the correct place
  5. maybe the tube from the oil gauge goes into the second hole from behind as it interfers with the starter in the first hole what size is the vacuum tube from the vacuum pump? I meassured the tube on the wipermotor and that one is 1/4 so i assumed the tube should be 1/4 too, but i have a clamp that fits very good for that job and that one is for a 5/16 tube. see attached picture [ATTACH=CONFIG]292950[/ATTACH] Janne
  6. I called Dave Tacheny and he have an elbow for me so that problem is solved Janne
  7. hmm shame on me. i should have seen that as i have alot of books to look in. thanks for the tips Barney. any chance to buy that special elbow somewhere? maybe Bob´s or Car´s have it. About the manifolds, I read that there shall not be a gasket between the intake manifold and heat the valve body.? I put mine together for over a year ago and I see that I have mounted a gasket there and the whole asembly fits like a glove and lines up perfect in every way. I found that gasket in my gasket kit and I assumed that it would be installed because it was there.
  8. Hi As you may know, I´m restoring a 1939 Buick 66c that do not want to be assembled easily. The damn car offers great resistance to all sense and makes me generally irritable at times. We have now had it for seven long years and now it is time to paint the engine so we can mount it and test start, it would raise the morale considerably. Now I have three questions for you "experts" :-) let´s see if you could help me. First: I discovered two small holes in the bottom of the intake (Pic 1) I saw it when I looked down from above. I can see a small 1/8 hole in the bottom of each "chamber" is that right ?? it may be rust holes ?? what are they for if they now are correct? Second: What is the hole at pic 2 for? should it be a steel ball in it for some sort of valve? I know it will be a tube that goes down but I do not know what it is for Third: Where should i connect the oil gauge line? the hole at the back of the bottom ? Thanks Jan Lundquist - Sweden
  9. yes thats the one i meant, and yes i know that the 60 series is longer and 80series even longer than that thats why i´m interested in 60,80 and 90 series hinge beam. the longer ones could easily be shortened to fit my car, to stretch the 40 series hinge beam could be a hard work. do you have a couple of those laying around Allan ?
  10. Hi i need a good "hood center bar" for my 39 century. i dont now the correct name for it but its the one goes between the chest and front wich the 2 hoods are connected to.:confused: hope you know what i mean. i beleive i can use one from a bigger series and trim it down to correct length. mine is way too destroyed. please correct me and tell me the correct name for it. Janne
  11. ok thanks for the info guys i suspect the tiresize, i have the 7.00x15 and that one is 730mm in diameter by 210mm wide i also have some older 6.50x15 and those are 700mm in diameter by 200mm wide. maybe i have to byu 6 new smaller dimension tires:mad:
  12. hi guys when we tried to put those spare tire covers on, we discover that the whels are to big, we can´t put them on??? the tire size is 7.00x15 as the should be, is there any differens between special and century covers? thanks Janne
  13. Hi Anyone knows where i can find me a rebuild kit for the Saginaw steering box for my 1958 Buick?? i know that there would be someone who have it but dont know who. Fusick says they have it but when i talked to them and asked if there is any bearings and bushings in the kit they refused to tell me whats included. i cant tell and it would take me at least 3 hours to take pictures and i dont wanna do that he said?????? reg Janne
  14. yeaaaa do that!! then you can send me a big zip file with pictures to me (Trough "sprend" or "sendit"):o:o
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