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  1. wow, Replying to my own thread..... Anyway, the leak was coming from the heat exchanger....I patched it and it runs good. How do I change Packard's design gracefully without destroying the authenticity of the vehicle? Dick Benjamin told me to replace the heat exchanger with a Jegs model, but how do I re-route the the water flow for engine coolant? use a flexible hose for coolant maybe?
  2. are there any jam nuts? sounds like a jam nut is loose... the only other thing i can think of is a blockage in the hydraulic system, but your symptoms don't support that conclusion....
  3. It wasn't the freeze plugs that were leaking.... it was the heat exchanger.. I have a temporary fix on that......
  4. It wasn't the freeze plugs that were leaking.... it was the heat exchanger.. I have a temporary fix on that......
  5. An update to the loud clacking noise... The noise I was hearing was my generator, there was a definite problem. I have since had the generator rebuilt by Chirco Automotive and the noise went away..... Since moving to VA, I now need to find an upholstery shop to have the interior redone, seats, floorboards, and headliner.....any suggestions please, chime in!!!!
  6. Hey Folks, Sorry I've been out of touch lately, but there has been several big changes in my life. First: I retired from the Navy last June. Second: Moved to VA to facillitate a new income source. My F-150 towed my Clipper just fine (at 12 MPG though, UGH!!!). I dropped the drive shaft and put her on a dolly. My Clipper is currently residing in Northern CA. We are looking at buying a house here in Northern VA, and I don't have a lot of vacation time on the books, so getting the Clipper here is going to have to wait for a bit. We have to see if we can afford a house and a new F-250 4x4
  7. B.H. Thanks for the info. The brocheures really didn't delve into details. I thought I had an odd ball on my hands for a minute. It is now clear that the trim lines were changed durng the production run.
  8. U-Haul and Penske are telling me I cannot tow my baby. I am going to repalce the freeze plugs(I have a leak in one of them) and all the gaskets available that I have on hand. The tail light lenses get replaced as well. I guess I am going to have to trust my 16 year old son with a 2 ton, 225 HP truck w/3.08:1 rear end gears on the open road... good thing the wife is driving a 2 ton, 225 HP car w/ 2.72:1 will be in front of him!!!LOL....a good thing I am teaching him how to drive...... I am scheduling a weekend or two at MCRD to fix all KNOWN problems.......I figure another $500 and I'll be good
  9. thanks Kev do you have any ideas as far as towing my 55? I have an 01 F150 XLT Supercrew SWB. 4.6,3.08 rear end, 4spd auto trans.w/ aux cooler, class III 7500 lbs weight distributing hitch. my GCVWR cannot exceed 10000 lbs.
  10. Kevin, I'm a little confused right now. The ID label on the door pillar of my packard indicates a 5542 model, but when looking at the packard club index of body styles for 55's, the 5542(super) didn't have the zig-zag paint or trim lines. Was this available for this model? The reason I'm asking is retirement is creeping up on me a little faster than expected (8 months now to go.), and I may have to tow my 55. Is the shipping weight and curb weight the same thing? Weight is a big factor, GCVWR for my truck is 5 tons. Trucks curb weight is 4200 lbs.
  11. Depends on wich P/S unit you have.... BENDIX or MONROE? Let me know. The lower end seals (by the ram unit) are just common O-Rings..
  12. 55, The harsh, burnt smell hasn't re-appeared yet... I'm thinking it was fresh bakelite during the "burn in" phase of operatrion. Have new gasket set for the engine, hope the leaking fluids go away too..... Found out the lower end of the P/S unit seals can be purchased at NAPA will keep y' all updated on my progress. BTW- I retire in 15 mos from USN. Hope the new adventure called life is fun....... 20 years, man where did they go????????
  13. I can see it now in the "Friday Funnies"( a term we in the Navy apply to the weekly summary of mishaps) a PO1 is missing part of his ear and will have major scarring on the left side of his face due to incompetence......
  14. Rusty, Kev, The stethescope works well. Groaning cured by visual inspection. Left Front tire low on air groan in P/S system gone. But tool recently purchased works great can hear lots of things in engine!!! Fuel pump strong, very little noise from valves!!! I hope this is a good sign.
  15. Speedster, Off to Harbor Freight I go........ This will make the wife REAL HAPPY, more tools.......lol
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