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  1. Hi, Are the cars listed for sale? Also if they are please list the price. Thanks Dick
  2. dickt

    Reo club of america

    Call or email me, I volunteer at the REOlds Transportation Museum and I am a Reo Club of America Member. 517-647-0056 or dickt@fnwusers.com Thanks Dick
  3. Does anyone have a Schebler S2 Carb Float? Please contact me at 517-647-0056 Dick or email at dickt@fnwusers.com
  4. Hi Joe, You said that you waited a week for my answer. Well you posted your offer on 9-2-2007 and I answered on 9-3-2007. This is hardly a week. I still want the steering gear for 100.00, and just because someone else wants the whole thing does not mean that I should get shorted. This isn't right for you to sell this to him and not to me. I immediately answered you offer and now we should have a deal. Tell me how to get ahold of you and make the proper arrangments. Thanks Dick
  5. Dear Joescanvas, Why haven't replied to me? I am still waiting for your reply. It seems to me that you could at least reply. Thanks Dick
  6. Hi Joe, I am still awaiting your reply. I need your phone number so that I can send you the money. Thanks Dick
  7. Hi Again, I will buy the steering gear from you if it is for a manual steering system. Could you email me your phone number so that we can discuss it? My email address is dickt@power-net.net. Thanks Dick
  8. Hi, I got your message. I will take the rebuilt steering gear. It is a manual steering gear isn't it? What is your phone number? Thanks Dickt
  9. WTB: Good 56 Ford Manual Steering Gear or where I can get one. Thanks
  10. I need a manual 56 Ford Fairlane steering gear. Does anybody have one and how much? Thanks Dick
  11. Hi, Thanks for the information. I will try find this company. Thanks again. Dick
  12. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the information. I will look for the casting numbers on the cylinder heads and then match them up with the numbers in manual. Thanks again Jeff. Dick
  13. Hi, In my 56 Ford manual it talks about having 3 different cylinder heads for the 292 engine. How can I find out which cylinder heads are on my car? Thanks Dick
  14. Hi, Does anyone have or know where I can get the rubber insulators for the front steady mount of the 292 V8 for my 1956 Ford Fairlane car? Thanks Dick
  15. Hi,Does this car have good chromed parking light housings and hood ornament? Is so how much? Thanks Dick
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