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  1. This Cd player came out of 1995-2002 full size pickups and SUVs, 1996-2005 Astro and Safari Vans, 1997-1999 Vanture, Shilouette and Montana Vans. I also am looking at a 6 disk changer (This unit was used on the following 2001-2003 General Motors vehicles; Tahoe, Yukon, Denali, Escalade, and Suburban. Model # 15095685) that has just about the same dimentions as th CD player and the plug "looks" the same as the nine pin on the back of the cd player, but I am still researching it
  2. crucial for what? everything works just fin in my car, every one says replace the ecm but no one can tell me what the quad driver circuit is. (I am thankful for the advice and any help anyone can give me)
  3. not sure about the regals but some of the trucks have the Eq. I also found a 6 disck in-dash changer that may work completely with our CRTs but I have to find the money to research it
  4. this slave cd player may work. I will have to try to find one for less than this ebay one 110066777036
  5. Yes I wired in a DVD and a head phone jack as an aux input (in the ashtray compartment) to get the aux to work you must plug your tape deck into them and press play (with a tape in). Then when you remove it from the radio box the aux inputs will accept most any low power audio signal. to acsses the aux inputs you must press play on the CRT (radio). I am also checking into finding a delco slave CD player. Hopefully one will work with all the CRT controls (just a whisper of a dream at the moment)
  6. reatta's radio sorry if it is not the best pick. it was the only one I could find on line newer style
  7. Quick note to ensure you have the newer radio. the newer radios are lighter in weight and the heat sink fins run the oposite way of rhe original stock Reatta radio
  8. any one know a fix for this code? E026 Quad driver circuit?
  9. I think youn are right about the eq but the crt will automatically change if you install a radio brain box with out the eq
  10. I believe mine came out of a 94 buick regal, but I know they also come out of 92-94 chevy full size pickups
  11. there are later model radios with the EQ (have not used one yet)
  12. Yes the CRT automatically changes to the new screan. To add the sub I used a device called a LC6 from Audio Control $250, but if you are not looking for competition sound walmart sells a line converter (scoshe) for around $17 that rivals and surpasses most you will find in a audio shop. I can not stress how much of a improvement the later modle radio box is in these cars
  13. mas air sensor,crank position and throtle position sensors. just a thought
  14. here are a few picks of my little radio upgrade this is the pic of the controls for a radio that does not have the EQ option this is my half din DVD player, from Power Akoustic (works great), and wired direct through the radio. LCD sold at target as a add on screan under the Kawasaki brand name, repackaged to fit the old tape player spot sub box fiberglassed in, raised 1.5 inches above the trunk floor, and coveredby the original carpet(sounds even beter than I hoped for)
  15. any knowlege will be much appreciated.
  16. are there any 5 or six speed manual trannys that are a bolt-in for the Reatta (no changing drive shafts) Any hint or words of advise on how to make putting in a manual tranny would be helpful
  17. yes the harness is made for 90 and 91(not 88 and 89) look on ebay.
  18. thanks for the info. Greg what 5 spd are you using?
  19. if you are like me and love loud high quality music here is a tip to improve the sound in your reattas. the radio brain box can be replaced with the one out of mid to late 90's chev pick-up, and also some buicks in that range. (thes units have aux inputs that may be used for many devices) Your crt will control any of them but you may lose your eq for a bass and teble control (losing the eq is not all a bad thing. the eq in the reatta limits the band freq from that of newer radios. I will post a bit more specs an maybe a couple pix of my litte removal of the reatta tape deck shotly
  20. first let me thank all of you who have helped me with you indepth posts and great knowlege base. I am getting ready to do a series 1 SC swap, and want the swap to go as smooth as I can make it. Here is the qustion will a 88-89 torfino front subframe (engine suport) fit the 89 reatta?
  21. try the inverter (power suply for the crt) found in between the seats under the center counsel
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