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  1. So it has been a four of five years sense I had these made, I am wondering how they have held up. The set on my car still look great but I have not put many miles on it in that time due to many reasons. I am down to my last two sets and I am contemplating having an other batch made. The first time I kind of guessed (trying to keep close to stock performance) on the hardness of each piece, so I am sure there may be room for improvement. Also if they are all still intact then there may be close to zero market for them. Any input will be helpful.
  2. You would be much better off with a series one if you want quick and easy. Series two requires mounts all around. Also axle issues.
  3. No they will not fit. All the bolt paterns and passages will not match up. If you really want to supercharge you motor, I have everything you need to do it, with the exception of a power steering bracket (from 91-95 SC engines). It includes heads, intake, supercharger, alternator, internals, and arp rod bolts. The internals only had 15k when I pulled the engine to move to the series three. I was going to send it to a friend but he sold his reatta.
  4. I bought one at car quest a few years ago.
  5. Swap it out with one of the known working relays. It will save you ten bucks and a trip to the parts store, if the relay is still good.
  6. Probably a loose wire on the back of the switch. Pretty common in my experience. I finally ordered new connectors and have not had a issue sense.
  7. I would swap to the 91 system. Unless you are planning on going to shows.
  8. Pretty much as wide I you can find. I ran 245/40/r18. They perform well and rest just inside the wheel wells. My offset is close to stock so I would assume as long as you can find them 245 would be a good option. 225 is probably easier to find. That is about 2/3rds of an inch less width.
  9. Stick with the correct year for your car. If you change to a different year you will need to change other parts. One of the years would even require the sway bar to be swapped. I did a lot of research on it years ago.
  10. Saw it at Woodrow Bean O'rielley's. Anyone from here?
  11. I grabbed my carpet from a supplier on jcwhitney. My headliner I reinformed with an epoxy and ordered material from ebay
  12. My shims have been holding up great for five years.
  13. The reviews are better than tires thee times the price. I already ordered them, just because i don't know if I am keeping the current rims on my wife's Fiero or not. Many other factors. If they hold up I will let people know.
  14. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Solar-4XS-205-55R16-91H-Tires/831598874 Reviews are as good as any tire at twice as much.
  15. Pretty easy to find out. Go to Orielley's and check compatibility between your model and the listed ones. It is on the part main page. Sorry not going to redo leg work I did years ago. There is a difference in front struts but it can be overcome. I don't recall what it is but searching the forum will bring it up.
  16. I was actually wondering what stock Reatti were getting for mpg. I am managing 18-20 mpg daily driving, with my series II and the F40 6 speed. I need to get her out on a long road trip to see what she can really get.
  17. You won't get any error messages. But you will need to keep the tape player if you intend to wire a auxiliary input in. Personally if you are going to put USB outlets in, I would use one that has a 3.5 mm jack and hard wire/splice it into the tape deck wires. That way if you lose battery power you can still plug the tape deck in to activate the auxiliary in.
  18. Using lower grade gas in these cars is actually better for fuel milage. (Without tuning) Higher grade fuels will produce more oxygen in the exhaust. That will make the ecm throw more fuel into the engine.
  19. Go to Firestone and get the lifetime alignment for under $200. I have been using mine sense 2005 probably thirty times so far.
  20. 02 sensor and a general tune up. Do you have any engine codes?
  21. I suggest buying the strut compressor and learning how to do it. Will cost around fifty bucks. If you find a shop willing to install them for you, most shops will not warranty the work or even install parts brought by customers, I would expect $200-$300. If buying them from the shop and having them from the shop and installed by the shop $300-$500.
  22. Go to climate press and hold up and off at the same time. Also read the quick reference guide at the top of the forum.
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