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  1. Reach under the door panel and shake the wire going to the switch. It will either start working or shake the loose one out.
  2. Sweet we have not solved it. How about we ask for all the readings at idle and all quarter throttle positions. Then maybe something might stand out.
  3. I am not an expert on the 90 system, but I would start with checking the system pressure then apply 12th to the compressor. I know it is not the norm but I always like to eliminate major components before chasing wires.
  4. He I supercharged so he does have two belts.
  5. For that price I hope it sounds as good or better than Alpine or Clarion.
  6. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=996869&cc=1019900&jsn=868 Anyone every come across this? The also have the owners manual.
  7. I have not had the issue on any of my 3800 engines, but the intake gaskets have definitely been improved over the years. Make sure you get Felpro and you should be fine. In my opinion if you are down that far and the car has original gaskets I would go ahead and do the head gaskets also. It is not much more work and could save a ton of pain done the road.
  8. I may have to take you up on that. The only one I could find near me did not fix the issue, and was untested prior. I did all the checks in the FSM, but it only covers the power and ground inputs. I really do not want to swap parts to figure it out but that looks to be the best option.
  9. Glad to hear. I was feeling bad about recommending them and maybe worse about being wrong on the thread size.
  10. I know this has been covered but I have a few things going on. I went off no warning signs. What are some simple checks? Also most common reason for them going out. Thanks for the help.
  11. Check for grass or damage from said grass around cps
  12. The 10mm refers to the female threads that connect to the steal lines on the car.
  13. Not sure what the cross reference is but as long as the banjo bolt is the same diameter I think these are just what you are looking for. https://www.ebay.com/itm/10mm-Metric-Rubber-Disc-Brake-Hose-Banjo-Bolts-Truck-Drop-Kit-Spindles-22/192364527546?epid=26009570363&hash=item2cc9d1bfba:g:zRkAAOSwYeRaCz0j:sc:USPSFirstClass!79924!US!-1
  14. I hope not. I would love to come across one at the price they would pay for it. I have only seen one black in person.
  15. Honestly I have not completed tuning it. I have moved on to another much easier project. She is still my daily driver and averages around 18-19 mpg, city driving. As far as pulling she is a little sluggish at low rpm but once past 2500 she has no stop. Once I finally tune her I assume the sluggish take off will stop. I honestly built the car to be built proof, and be able to pass most anything on the open road without worrying about hills or anything else. She definitely does that.
  16. Iridium last longer other than that I would just use standard plugs. Unless you are building your engine up to be high performance.
  17. That will not lower your car. It is a camber kit to help get your alignment right. If you need one there is probably something major wrong with your suspension.
  18. I am officially sold out of the bushings. If there is enough interest I may have more made, but as of now I don't see it happening.
  19. I read this and sound like it is no cranking. If so: Play with the shifter. Try it in neutral. Also test for voltage, while in start position, at the large purple and yellow wires on the neutral safety switch.
  20. I have one set aside for someone, and that was the last set I was going to sell. I do have one other I was keeping for myself, but it looks like there is enough interest to have another run done. So I will let my very last ones go if you would like them. Also if I do the an other run, what does everyone think of black instead of red? I did red last time mainly to match my color scheme.
  21. So it has been a four of five years sense I had these made, I am wondering how they have held up. The set on my car still look great but I have not put many miles on it in that time due to many reasons. I am down to my last two sets and I am contemplating having an other batch made. The first time I kind of guessed (trying to keep close to stock performance) on the hardness of each piece, so I am sure there may be room for improvement. Also if they are all still intact then there may be close to zero market for them. Any input will be helpful.
  22. You would be much better off with a series one if you want quick and easy. Series two requires mounts all around. Also axle issues.
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