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  1. Depends upon driving. Mainly 12 miles back and forth to work, I get around 18. That is stop lights and having fun. Going 50 with no interruptions,in sixth gear, I can say 29 mpg on the low side. I honestly believe, once the tune is finally complete, 33-5 MPG at 55-60 MPH is with in reach. All assuming flat ground.
  2. This may help if you have any issue with the accuracy of the MPG calculation, and can be applied to all years with finding the correct wire. My car is already supercharged and I am running a transmission with a speed sending unit that could not be programmed into the ECM. The solution was to use a converter box from Dakota Digital (SGI-5 E) http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=126/category_id=-1/mode=prod/prd126.htm. Works great, I can even account for minute tire differences. The only issue I have had is the MPG calculation is off due to the ECM maps being off from stock. This has been an issue with all of my supercharged swaps. Good news is it has finally bothered me enough to get me thinking on a fix. I think I found a fix. If I run another SSGI-5 on the speed signal wire, between the ECM and BCM, I believe I can use it to adjust the MPH going to the BCM. This should allow me to adjust the MPG calculation. Now the possible issues: Cruise may not be able to set until a higher speed (roughly 33% higher) Speedometer runs off the data line so should it or should it not be affected? Any other possible issues are welcomed.
  3. Use a drill and run it through the firewall. That is the correct and best way. Why ruin a water barrier?
  4. Make sure the tape deck is plugged in to the CDM (radio) box, located in the center console. This is most likely your issue.
  5. If you are military or know a military member, most bases have a auto craft shop with lifts that cost a few beers cos to rent for an hour.
  6. AutoZone used to sell a direct bolt on for under $100 delivered
  7. D-a-n-i-e-l


    Also thank you for searching first.
  8. D-a-n-i-e-l


    Th proms are inside the BCM. They are just chips that tell the BCM set points and maintain some vehicle info. They are under the BCM access cover.
  9. For what? Tonkinonline uses the gm parts catalogue
  10. They work well. Would like a bit more soldier
  11. Mine always read 1 volt lower at the crt than with a meter at the alternator or battery
  12. I have more. They are now black, but made of the same material.
  13. I believe it is on top of the thermostat housing. I know it is on later 3800 engines
  14. Replacements are still available, and unless you are repairing/rebuilding there is no need to reprogram them. As far as the message: Go to climate Hold up and off at the same time This will access the diagnostics where you can get the OBD1 codes and reset them. Resetting will ensure you get recent codes and not ones stored from years past
  15. D-a-n-i-e-l

    Fan Whine

    It is a thirty minute job with basic tools. You should probably do both at once. They are less than $30 on Rock Auto
  16. 10w 30. And yeah name brand doesn't really matter unless you are racing. Grab the simpletech unless they have the same type for less.
  17. Thermostat allows coolant to leave the engine and once it hits a set temp. If it went the other way your heater would take forever to warm up.
  18. Might be an overkill but this is my new standard for dogbones. Minor modifications required. https://thorbros.com/category/catalog/4-link-parts/suspension-dog-bones
  19. If I had the fund's I would have bought it already. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BuickReattaOwners/permalink/10157090790094119/
  20. If you are not stuck on staying original I would upgrade to the STS rear brakes. No rattle and more pad choices.
  21. I have been lucky in my crt experience. I am just wondering if we know it is the screen and not the controller or signal wire?
  22. Nope, but the only engine that comes to mind is the 4.3 out of 85ish Malibu. They had the gm fwd bolt pattern. Good luck finding one.
  23. I took a different route, but it was before diskless head units.
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