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  1. Also the reatta owners journal has also preserved the thread. Glad to see that.
  2. Wow those are years ago. I will see if I can find them.
  3. I have not staggered my wheels but I do run 245 and it is a lot of improvement in the handling. I think they look great also.
  4. Just throwing out a tech two or any other scanner will not show more than the on board diagnostics. One of the awesome things our Reatti do.
  5. It is an 89. I installed the 91 abs system years ago. I did a write up on the series one swap, and would suggest that if you are not looking at building the motor above 300 hp. The series two is a lot more work and modifications.
  6. When I ran one I piggybacked a 95 park ave ultra ECM.
  7. CPS is crank position sensor. Just to be clear.
  8. Half inch impact gun. Just did an LS that took 15 minutes of impact, but it came off. Better than bending two breaker bars.
  9. My first guesses are ICM or CPS. Second. If you have used fuel treatments such as seafoam or a few others, I would replace the O2 sensor. Many times they don't send a code.
  10. That engine is far less reliable than a SC 3800, and the 3800 can easily produce 300+. With less cost and less loss of the Reatta's functions.
  11. Also if you installed LEDs or HIDs can cause this also, or just burnt out low beams.
  12. I know some are corrupt, I can't fix that. Grab them before someone realizes what they are. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1j7rhZNXzdzuyFkpsbYrzs9aEoyK7w6dt
  13. Probably two separate issues. The cruise is most likely the cervo, or the vacuum line to it, assuming you have power to it. Mirrors I would check for power at the controls first.
  14. If you install a relay in the initial head light circuit they work fine Some times the will stay on for a minute or so, but I find that nice when in a dark area. I installed mine in the interior relay area with a couple wires from a donor caddy
  15. Yes pull the wheel, you will need a lock ring compressor and a steering wheel puller. About $30 Buy a replacement lock cylinder, and not a cheap one or you will be doing the job again soon.
  16. Clean it off really well and use clear gorilla glue. Otherwise start looking for a replacement.
  17. It's on the firewall side. It is put in from the opposite direction. I suggest a very long extension.
  18. https://m.autozone.com/emission-control-and-exhaust/catalytic-converter/magnaflow-catalytic-converter/888043_64788_2149?aqs= Pretty easy. Two bolts and a clamp. Just keep a long extension and universal joint handy, as they will keep the cussing to a minimum.
  19. I would pick up a 94-95 series one supercharged motor. It will run about the same cost. The only additional cost would be the 5/8 heater hose, extending the injector plugs, memcaler and tuning.
  20. Funny. To bad they didn't build them like mine.
  21. I have some polyurethane rear bushings left. In red or black. I kept a few sets around just for the forum. PM Me for info.
  22. That may be another issue for me. I have not considered the odometer. That may be a function of the BCM. If it is all of my MPG will be off. I really hope speed and odometer are both products of the ECM. Otherwise this gets much more complicated and will most likely require BCM programming. I am pretty sure no one has broke into that.
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