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  1. Sounds like something is killing you ecm. I would start with testing your injector signals, see if they are normal, check resistances of the injectors are close to each other, next I would look at your coil pack. Make sure it is firing and all the resistances on the coils are the same. Those would be my stating points.
  2. They work fine in all locations. I did a write up on it long ago.
  3. Please if you have one send me the details in a PM. The basics pics of any known issues, general condition, milage, options, and any other pregnant information.
  4. For the right one, I would say enough.
  5. Anyone have info on a 88/89, that could be pried away from someone, with blue interior?
  6. I am also a little dismayed by this. I have a few little needs coming up, and maybe interested in a nice specimen shortly.
  7. Still have a couple sets. $49.00 per set. I have red and black. I am hoping to drop the price on the next run, but that is a few months away. Shoot me a message when you want them.
  8. Had to ask, simple things yet overlooked often.
  9. Did you check your coolant level?
  10. Still love this forum, nothing like it anywhere on the net.
  11. They are great tires for the price, way out performed the michelins that they replaced.
  12. Drop them down one inch. They will have a higher PSI on the windshield and it doesn't effect the view area much.
  13. Grease them up and find a press. Or many alignment shops will press them in for a fee. Other option is find a matching gm car that someone makes polyurethane bushings for. Fiero would be my starting point.
  14. It is possible and not to hard to swap to a newer electric gm cruise control. There are many write ups on fiero sites.
  15. Yes it will, direct replacement. The only thing you have to do is adjust the actuator eye.
  16. They are strut covers as I recall.
  17. Guess I will be looking for a white one to paint... Full teardown prior of course.
  18. Black with blue interior, do they exist?
  19. Upgrade to the newer version. Do a quick search it will come up.
  20. Yes, it has to be changed from the outside...
  21. I wish you would have offered them up, for shipping and packing fee. I would have grabbed them, for no other reason but bc they are rare.
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