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  1. jeff_a


    Current Crop of Interesting Peerless Parts On E-Bay: 1. A Delco distributor for a 1925 Peerless: 2. Also 2 or 3 Peerless hubcaps are for sale(look like 1924-1928) from about $65 to $115, plus one I can't place, timewise: 3. five or six repro Boyce Motometers with Peerless logos 4. a NOS Peerless Pines Winterfront (may fit 1925-28 models) with Peerless logo
  2. I know of a guy in Missouri who bought a Safeway building to store his and a friends cars. Probably about 25% of the cost of building a clear-span building new. One thing led to another and it became a museum, still open, with 50 or 60 cars. The founders are long-gone. Finances are probably 10% from admission/sales, 90% from the cash flow of the family's 7-figure food products business. The good thing is they didn't say "I need to have a tourism site capable of bringing in $160/day in admissions and bring people off the interstate, so I'll have a 40,000 sq ft facility designed and built for x dollars, buy 50 cars for x dollars each and open her up." What I'm saying is there are abandoned warehouses and factories and stores out there.
  3. jeff_a

    Make of speedster?

    Joan Newton Cuneo maybe? She drove and raced lots of cars in this era, including Locomobile, White, Knox, Rainier, Pope-Hartford, and Stearns. from The Old Motor "Mad For Speed" story, Dec. 3, 2012
  4. The 1919 McFarlan Sport Touring in the Fountainhead Museum. Ex-Bill Harrah, and ex-Wallace Reid, shown at Pebble Beach in 2012.
  5. jeff_a

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    Their Peerless is the most interesting car to me.
  6. jeff_a

    Valuation of antique cars

    I think the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, AB, has a '27 or '28 Velie Sedan
  7. jeff_a

    Peerless Photos

    This is available somewhere on the internet, titled "Mafia Greeting Card -- 1925 Peerless Straight 8". They should have contacted us here on The Peerless Forum to get the year and model right. I ordered several things from them. One can get a throw pillow; a coffee mug; a phone case; a notebook; a tote bag; a tee shirt; an image on aluminum, paper, canvas, acrylic, or wood; or a shower curtain. From Fine Art America. One of more than 25 Peerless automobile photos available(1909-1931). This one is a 1929 PEERLESS Model 8-125 Sedan: ...a nice shot of a somewhat rare model. Total output was about the same as Duesenberg, about 1,150 cars. Greater h.p. than anything in GMs 9-car American lineup that year(Chevrolet/Oldsmobile/Buick/Viking/LaSalle/Pontiac/Oakland/Marquette/Cadillac).
  8. I read that King Alphonso of Spain had a Duesenberg Hibbard & Darrin Town Car. Did it survive?
  9. This one is lost: a Model A Duesenberg made into a service vehicle for the Duesenberg California Co., but in my opinion it was tastefully done. There is a photo of it from 1924, in an article about lost classics in Hemmings Classic Car 2013, from A-C-D Museum.
  10. jeff_a

    Peerless For Sale Department

    A beautiful blue 1912 Peerless Model 48-Six Roadster is for sale on the HCCA classifieds page{found near bottom of AACA Forums listing under Horseless Carriages}. In Wisconsin.
  11. jeff_a

    Peerless For Sale Department

    A beautiful green 1907 Peerless Model 16 5P Touring Car is for sale on the HCCA classifieds, reachable via the Horseless Carriages Forum on the aaca forums. In Connecticut.
  12. jeff_a

    1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 302 Sold

    Dear supercargirl & Mike_B_SVT, I'm glad to hear that the car sold and also some of the specs of the Cougars back in the old days. I read a catalog for diecast car models a few days ago and found one of these available as a model, which backs up what we were talking about a little. So I go from never hearing about something to seeing it available in a gift catalog. Interesting cars. In the Fairfield Collectibles Holiday catalog there's a blue and gold race version. Text: "1:18 Scale - 10 1/2" Long, #18565NX 1967 Mercury Boss 302 Cougar-#48 Zippo Vintage Grand Prix, NOW $84.95". It has 5-spoke mags, a roll bar, and #48 on the door. Jeff
  13. jeff_a

    Owners of 1924 Peerless Model 6-70 Cars

    The 1925 Peerless 6-70 Sedan in North Carolina has just changed hands.
  14. I love that muted violet color of the headlight lenses. Do you ever mention the Tesla connection when you are at an auto show?
  15. jeff_a

    1930 Whippet $6500

    Just look at your Standard Catalogue...Whippets were comparable to sales of something like Nissan today. First year sales in 1927 were 110,000 cars. Only sold '27-'31, though.