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  1. jeff_a

    Peerless Photos

    A Peerless Coupe: ...unknown car, unknown owner, unknown location...Jeff Goddin photo............
  2. The Stahl's Automotive Collection in Michigan acquired the 1904 Peerless which sold at the Tupelo Museum sale Bonhams conducted in 2019. Don Boulton of Oklahoma was the owner for many years. Burton Upjohn of Kalamazoo, Michigan owned it before him.
  3. In 2019, the Pioneer Auto Show Museum in Murdo, South Dakota sold a 1928 Peerless Model Six-60 Sedan. New owner lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Here's a photo I took last time I was in South Dakota:
  4. I believe the only known 1915 Model 48 Touring Car -- one-family owned for a century -- changed hands recently. Nobody seems to know who the new owners are _ _ _ maybe they will show or tour with it someday. There's always the chance they'll join the Horseless Carriage Club. Beautifully restored by The Motor Car Co. of Staunton, VA in 2003, T-Head 578-cubic-inch engine.
  5. The '22 Peerless V-8 above must be the buy of the year, whomever bought it. Don't know, unfortunately.
  6. My 1928 Peerless manual says that its Lockheed Hydraulic Brakes should be filled with 50% Castor Oil and 50% Denatured Alcohol. 5th year for 4-wheel hydraulic brakes for Peerless.
  7. Glad you liked this thread. There's a photo around of John D. Rockefeller riding in the back of a Peerless Touring Car(48-Six probably) out near his Cleveland estate in about 1914. I just sent a long technical letter to a chap in St. Louis who just bought a 1928 Peerless from a huge museum in South Dakota, and recommended he buy a copy of your Peerless book before the libraries find out about it and they sell out. I think he may know some of the St. Louis billionaires that have early Peerlesses. Don't ever think of them as billionaire's cars, since only 8 or 9 have been owners! All the rest of the 1 or 2 hundred thousand owners are sub-billionaires, mere peasants by comparison.
  8. I once went to a fellows place on the east side of Cleveland to see some bikes he had for sale. He had one Pierce, one Peerless, and one Winton, all from the 1890-1900 period. I remember the Peerless was $5,000, so this isn't a budget pursuit by any means....but these were exceptional examples. I had no idea there was such a thing as a Winton bicycle, made by one of the most important American pioneer carmakers.
  9. Thanks Ed. Online only auction/Richmond, MI. Couple hundred tons of stuff. Only vehicle that got any attention seems to have been a 55 Tbird. Someone with too much room and a trailer couldn't stop bringing stuff home, maybe. Which would be cheaper -- sending a kid to Harvard for 4 years -- or bringing this back from this condition to "shiny and humming quietly after a CCCA CARavan"? I'm not in a financial position to do either, but I wondered if we're talking a small pizza box full of 20s, a shoebox, or a briefcase.
  10. There is an auction in MI 9/22/21.....shows a Condition #5 "1934 Pierce-Arrow 1602". Wouldn't this be a 1936? Rowley Auctions Photo -- Lot 419 of Stanley Paurazas sale.
  11. It's a really nice Javelin. For the "muscle car" boys, it's about the last gasp design as the 70s went on. Some 401s around '74-'78 found there way into Jeep Cherokees, J-10 & J-20 Pickups and Wagoneers and even a couple of special order Gremlins(!). My Dad really liked the 232 inline six in his '65 Rambler Classic Convertible and he would probably point out that 4.1 L is close to 232 cu. in. Well, 3.8, anyway.
  12. Is that a '37 Lincoln-Zephyr in the second picture? If you had unlimited interest in the Bike-Car Connection....you could study all the bicycle companies that evolved into hydrocarbon voiturettes, the term folks used to separate the gasoline cars from the more common steam and electric ones 120 years ago. The first gasoline car was an 1870s invention by Austrian Siegfried Marcus, but steam and electric propulsion were popular in the horseless carriage era, too. There were also a lot of bicycle racers who got into car racing and car building(Tom Cooper, Barney Oldfield, Fred & August Duesenberg, Louis Chevrolet Off the top of my head, these bicycle makers also built cars: Winton Pope Pierce Peerless Rambler Columbia Peugeot Bugatti ...Pierce Bicycle ...Columbia Bicycle. 1895 Winton Pneumatic Safety Bicycle
  13. A Continental L-head, flathead, inline six engine, of course. 248 cu. in., 66 h.p. with 7 main bearings.
  14. Is the Reo Royale Victoria like the 1924-1930 Peerless Victorias or Opera Coupes, with a folding r.s. front passenger seat, 2-pass. rear seat, and a top hat compartment?
  15. Here's a picture of another PEERLESS 6-81 Sedan, restored in 2013 by Old Wheel Restorations, Odessa, Florida. Someone was asking $47,500 in 2016. This car shows off the lines pretty well and is out in the sun:
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