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  1. Yeah, we had the Buicks out in Minnesota, drove John D over to see some really old ones too! great weekend (thank you Thriller...)
  2. Paul is back, alert and awake. Hopefully all will work out OK. We thank everyone for prayers and thoughts. (Paul's dad)
  3. Always a great evening followed by a return to a sensible diet...
  4. A Wonderful meet, the Driven cars - mine included were kind of "behind the fence" and a walk to the rest of the meet. I found out that the fence went in only a few weeks ago, long after the layout was set. This stuff happens, and the driven and display cars were invited over to the general field after judging. Hats off to the BCA staff!
  5. There are farm supply stores everywhere that sell motor oil that is what you need. Look for the grade rating SE, SF, SG, etc. (1600ppm) through SL (1200ppm) and avoid anything SM or later.
  6. The owner of that site is Hans Tore Tangerud of Norway and he loves getting quality copies of brochures, super site for info
  7. The R-12 question comes up often. As an old refrigeration man, I suggest one of the several R-12 replacements available after a thorough leak check. I use R420a, but there are others available and not too pricey. Good luck
  8. Good running 455 and tranny out of car. complete with everything inc. the AC pump. Time to clean out the shop. Also 61 215 and TH300 Fred Syrdal mncrosley@yahoo.com 612-363-1658 Minneapolis, MN
  9. I also have changed tires on my '41, also on my other cars, and I have found a small floor jack works just fine. Keep a plywood or similiar flat to set the jack on when you have an uneven or soft surface and keep a small block to use between the jack lift pad and the frame (or axle) if needed.
  10. Indeed the Sportwagons were available with the 400 engine that was also used in the GS HT's and converts. There are a few of them out there that have gained GS hood and badging over the years (and some Olds Vista Cruisers with 442 trim). I have kept mine stock although a dual exhaust system would have been nice.
  11. No snow this year, but we get plenty of snow most years, why is your top up?
  12. Marty, I love that Packard, but still maintain that any oil that meets SM will NOT have enough zink (zddp) for our old cars. I expecially fear for your '41 Cad as it has a vulnerable gearset off the cam driving the distributer/oil pump shaft. The Buicks should hold up better and I applaud your changing oil often in a non-filtered car.
  13. Engine oil for any older (pre 1990) should carry a rating in that circle logo of SE through SL. The new SM rated oil has only 600 ppm or less ZDDP and should not be used. SL has about 1200, the SE through SJ has 1600. Some racing oils have over 2000 but that is not good for anything with a cat converter. nor useful under normal driving.
  14. Thank you so much for this great Canadian adventure. It was as much fun as the 2009 visit and perhaps 2013 will bring out some more Buicks. The Sportwagon will be ready for international travel once again.
  15. This was a white car according to the wonderful Riviera convertible registry. Miles in the registry shown as 119.000. Another black repaint, although of a red one, is for sale in Minnesota. Any good color change repaint will do the jambs, inner parts and anything that was painted body color. Price seems about market these days.
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