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  1. Hey Y'all I offered $25.00 and they explained how wrong I was, and how valuable they are..Ha
  2. Hey "X" thanks for the reply, The trim strip you are refering to I've seen on all TCs, but the letters I'm refering to I have only seen on some.. These letters are Block and are above the rear reflector on the left corner. along the top edge facing back almost directly above the word Chrysler's...There is a red TC on E-bay now that has these letters take a look..Thanks again, Lou
  3. My deck lid has holes in it and you can make out a little fade in the paint where there was block letters "MASERATI". Lou
  4. Hey Guys I need the Maserati letters for my deck lid, I just bought a TC and the letters are missing :
  5. Hi, I'm Interested in a TC . If we have to ship, do you have any connections, Give me all particulars on car and send pics. Thanks Lou@Zarelli.net
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