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  1. Alan, Those web-footed Florida friends call that "Liquid Sunshine" the results not being "Tan" or "Sunburn" as most know it; but "Mold or Mildew". A phenomenon known mostly in the south east.... Lou:D
  2. Thanks Alan; But.........
  3. Hi Alan, I hope you enjoy your "Meet". KYB has a couple of different series shocks & struts. The ones I used were "KR-2" they definately were not white. I don't remember silver or red. When I do struts I also replace the mounts/bearings even low mileage units go bad just from age deterioration. My only experience was with the 2 '90s I did first. They had 90,000, & 120.000 miles respectively. The 23,000 mi "91 had all original. I replaced them all with the KYB Kr2s That took the suspension from real sloppy to a tight but comfortable, non jarring road touring ride. That I felt driver confidence in. The 16V I had was secure in it's handling so I didn't feel the need for a change. I am going to do the 22,000 mi. '89 soon using the same Kr2, KYBs that I have had good luck with.. Thanks, Lou
  4. Hi , I hate to hear that stuff. It's just a lack of finesse The post next to yours here, is a guy helping as he can, getting parts from a '91. You could also ask him. Lou
  5. I was just bustin for the sake of a joke~ BUT ~ i can tell you here and all of the places I actually know of The shift supervisor has that mobile computer system hooked up that can run a plate immediately. In some cases more cars than just the supervisor have them. They are supposed to do it before they get out of the car on a normal traffic stop. Here where everyone has their own car that they take home. The chief and both sargents have them. It's funny ; but the Lt. does not have one.. Lou
  6. Hey Tom, You mean the Garden State don't have helpful Public employees:D Lou
  7. OK, Here's the info RareElectrical.com Alternators ATV Starters Chrome Units Generators Inboard Starters Jet Ski Starters Lawn Garden Mini NEW NiponDenso 90 Amp. $79.00 , 100 Amp. $89.00 , $12.00/$13.00 Shipping The only thing different was the Pulley. A simple change to use my original. Good Luck, Lou
  8. Hey Guys, Easy does it. Most policemen carry "Slim Jims" in their cars, Most emergency service units have them. Firemen, Medical emergency squads, Body shops and Mechanics have them. Depending haw big a town you live in and how accessable these official folks are just take a ride to any of them and ask to pop the lock. then you can work on the car in a normal open door fashion Good Luck, lou
  9. I needed an alternator for an '89 I got it on eBay NEW for $79.00 + about &12.00 shipping . I just looked for the invoice & exact info. Must be up in the barn with the cars. The alt. I got was for a Dodge Daytona It came with the incorrect pulley for my TC Changed pulley. Perfect. Your V6 should be much simpler.You will need to know the Manufacturer. Then search on eBay. You will probably come up with the same company. I went this route because NAPA wanted $189.00 for a rebuilt.. First check with Auto Parts Store If too expensive take that info & search. Good Luck, Lou
  10. I realize it was over 20 years ago, but at my trim shop that was a $50.00 job including the leather. Many of the armrests that have been recovered have been done in a good quality vinyl.. Good Luck, Lou
  11. Nice Story, Very well written, :cool:It sure gave the impression, you enjoyed yourself. Good luck, Lou
  12. Hey John, FYI = When you open this forum upper right is a "Search this Forum" block plug the subject in there and you will get the answer. ~ Now ~ Because it's a quickie.. = Left side of panel is a small flat triangle shaped piece. It pops off (up).. Right side, Long Flat piece, Same Pops up with multiple snaps, There is 1 screw under each that goes thru a small plastic loop (the loop is many times broken or cracked). Pull out light switch knob as far as it will go. look behind at the back edge of the knob. As you rotate the knob you will find a small notch (about 1/8") that is where you put a small screwdriver to release the tension on a lock tab. push against the knob toward the back of the car releasing the tension and removing the knob. push in the rod turning off the lights.. Remove 2 screws in front of the glass under the lip facing upward. There are 2 screws in back between the leather covered instrument cover and the defroster area of the dash, and 2 more, 1 on each side of the bottom front.... Good Luck, Lou
  13. Hi John, As a retired USCG Capt. I would never consider giving anyone orders But ~ TCParts has them for $29.00 they are members of TC America and have been a benefit to members for a long time. Lou
  14. I have bought a couple and they were the original Sachs brand new strut lifts. They were from a place called "Lou's Struts" ,or "Lou's Lifts" on eBay. I do not recall the price,, I can suggest you search the name. Good Luck, Lou (different Lou)
  15. Hi Andy, I was expecting one of the guys that's taking a TC apart for parts sales would have said they had one. ~ But ~ Hemi hemland@aol.com , or Larry or Andy info@tcparts.com , or Marty mkolner14@hotmail.com , should be able to dig one up somewhere..... Good Luck, Lou
  16. I don't think it is a problem.. If you drill a hole in the bottom of the switch handle, and another in the base, (I try to make them at least 1/4" deep) Install a piece of wire for reinforcement. and epoxy that should do it. The hole in the bottom part will probably be very limited for depth; but the upper part will have plenty of depth. I would probably use the .021 stainless steel Aircraft safety wire I have here on the shelf Try to line up the holes as best as you can. Do not worry if you don't get a good alignment of the holes. Oversize holes with hardened epoxy in them will be just as tight as a micrometer fit. Good Luck, Lou
  17. You must understand, You are there, We are not & We cannot see, or feel your problem. You must describe it as in a text book. You gave the impression that you broke it getting out the spare tire. There are no switches near the spare, can't imagine which switch. Then you wrote middle switch. Are you referring to the switches in the console.?? If so; Did you break off the paddle handle from the switch.? Is the switch together, and just sort of pushed into the console.?? Please help us to help you. Lou
  18. Hey Guys I'm sorry, I didn't explain real good... The 1st plastic strip is sewn to the headliner to give it it's curved shape and to hold the seams in alignment for visual appeal.. then the material is a long loop that a similiar sized piece of aluminum slides into. This piece of aluminum strip is screwed to the bottom of the bows with 3 screws. careful there are spacers under each screw that look like small pieces of copper tubing.. That's what holds up the headliner in the center.. I'll try to do better Lou
  19. After you remove the headliner you sew in a new piece of material. Those Plastic strips are each screwed to the top bows with about 4 screws. when all is in good condition they just fold over the strip (between the strip & the bow) then the strip is screwed on. that's what holds up the headliner. They use that material looped over loosely to give the headliner some movement for folding
  20. Hi, Yeah that is a real pain when you have a windshield sandblasted by road grit. Did you try "RainX".?? I have found sometimes " RainX " will cover them to the point that you don't see them anymore.. Good Luck, Lou
  21. Hi, Here you go. Very simple procedure. Just don't loose any parts. In the Back, On the bottom = 2 upholsterers type screw/washers on each side. Phillips screw driver. In the front 8 or 10 screws with washers and a thin metal bar. I think 9mm. Top 2 bows, metal bar in a pocket 4 screws/washers each. Very Careful, 1 bar has brass spacers about 3/8" high.. Good Luck, Lou It should take about 10 min.
  22. OK, STOP ! STOP ! STOP ! Go to: Reatta Data Page Click on this Read those 5 pages, print them off, Perform the tests. It will take less than 10 minutes. You will probably perform them twice (understanding and proof) Then let's see what you might need... These brakes are also computer controlled. The Brake Controller is behind the right kick panel.. They also sometimes do not instantly and totally correct themselves lick a strictly mechanical type system.. They even self compensate for pedal height... What kind of light flicker and when.. Fault Information needs to be text book exact and precise for us to give a diagnosis Don't sound like a $500.00 switch.. Lou
  23. I moved this thread back up LISTEN UP Those SLOTS in the back of the headliner that the window slides on MUST BE LOOSE. When they go thru the headliner they secure to a clevis that is screwed to the frame. 1-That clevis must be loose and allowed to swivel on the frame.. 2-The shoulder bolt that holds the slide to the clevis is made to be tightened and still remain free so the slide can move freely. Free them and lube them ... Lou
  24. I was off reading another thread, and something clicked. I think I remember that the calipers can be reversed. Right on left etc. If that is so, and it is possible to do that check on the bleeder. It must be on the top part of the caliper. if it was reversed it would be on the bottom and would not allow all the air to be bled off. Lou
  25. As far as pressure relief is concerned as in blowing the fluid all over the place. you are correct ~ But ~ The full arrow level on the resivour is for pressure relieved. If you notice when the system is pressurized the fluid will go down about 1/4" to 3/8" The system was designed to be filled unpressurized.. LZ
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