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  1. Here are the Pics . I just lifted the top in place, I did not secure the top completely. It is not pulled tight.
  2. Hi, I didn't see your request from last week. I'll try to get up to the "barn" today and take a pic. Lou
  3. Hi David, If you search back dates. I had put a step by step, to hang from the cieling. Using 2x4 lumber, couple of hooks, & pulleys from Lowes. all with some pretty good pictures. I also have an unused commercial type with crank-up etc. that I have no use for. I think $100. incl shipping should be a good price... Lou
  4. Hi Lars, I'm very happy to read that your project is on the move. I must tell you the Radiator , and intercooler are "Golden Parts" No more made, almost can't find any used, to replace one, it must be hand made..Good Luck, Lou
  5. Hey Guys, I wrote a complete step by step, for everyone's benefit. This was so All could benefit. Just a quick recap. I buy this stuff by the gallon If you go on the website Leatherique.com you can see all the different products, sizes etc. 3 coats of Conditioner 3 days of HEAT drying between coats. 2 washes with Pristene Clean, sand with 400/600 wet sandpaper, using Conditioning Agent as "wet". dry for 3 days, fill with a couple of coats of Filler, Finish sand filler, wash all off with Conditioning Agent. Coat with Leatherique Dye, using a microfiber polishing pad, to coat it and blend it. You may have tint the final coat to get it exactly right. after multiple days of drying. buff with a towel......
  6. Not That one.. easy, couple of screws, plug out plug in...
  7. It is Water Borne, or water soluable, but no latex smell to me. The original leather had no penetration. Almost the complete exposed surfaces of the original were showing thru to the tan hide natural color. This was due to excessive exposure to the California sun and other elements. The original owners almost never put the top up, or on. It was a sport convertible to be used that way. That is why at only 48,000 miles I had to do the job I did. I don't expect it to ever wear out now.. Lou
  8. I really don't have too much problem with 75 either..... Lou
  9. Hi, As Alan posted Those switches mostly never go bad. It's just when originally installed the screws used were not long enough & in time the plastic recievers broke off. There usually is enough left that you can find some longer screws and just recapture the hold downs. ~ Also ~ they made the wires real short. There is not enough slack in them to give you room to maneuver. ~ ~ Problem ~ ~ a real pain to get to. I personally get the seats out of the way. Check all fluids & filters, Drive the car. Get a good feel for it. Then start changing all the fluids, & filters. The Brake fluid must be flushed every 3 to 4 years, and the Brake Accumulator replaced every 8 to 10 years. Take extra good care of the cooling system. The Radiator is almost irreplaceable. Hemi has an associate that will make one. Good Luck, Lou Oh Yes,,, The speaker system in these cars is also not your normal system. Try to find a later model of that same Chrysler Infinity. Hey that Ford looks pretty good also. Is it a '51
  10. I'm going to tell you a little story about oldtimers practices and youngsters changing "The way it's done". Probably because in these times, they just learn too quickly. Us old pilots always wear earphones when we fly, not only do we hear the radio transmissions better; but it helps retain our hearing. ~ ~ ~ BUT ~ ~ ~ We always cock 1 earpiece off just a little bit, that's so we can hear what's happening in the world around us. Too often in conversations with younger pilots, I find no one (Basically thier instructors) ever explained that to them. So it becomes a forgotten piece of keeping your head in what you are doing. It holds true for cars too. That stuff you do with a radio (and a cell phone) is not supposed to be a distraction, from the ~ ~ "Art of Driving" ~ ~ ... :eek: Have a nice day, Lou
  11. The rear latch has a cycle. It seems you are releasing the tight latch position; but not the final release. You may have to release fully from the emergency manual release in the trunk.. .....Also Try....... When the top releases from the tight lock down position, and it has that space try to push down on the top to release pressure on the larches so they may unhook & spring open completely. Good Luck, Lou
  12. Altho this stuff called "Dye" is really a type of paint; everything you can think of can cause slight off tones. I mean humidity, temperature, & stuff like that. This also applies to the original leather colors. Park 2 side by side, and there will be slight color differences in the leather color. This is due to the same thing, hides take the dye differently, how often it's left out in the sun, all that stuff.. Leatherique has the color. I have had to had them help me with a little bit of something to tint it. Call that lady at Leatherique. She is very nice and will help where she can. Good Luck, Lou
  13. Hi again, The little plastic gears are still available. it is an easy fix, not simple: but easy. Many of us feel the cause is the greese that was used. Inactivity, and age causes the lube to harden, and that breaks a gear. Modern lube may help. Lou
  14. Hi Monty, I tried to use a Chilton's TC repair manual 1x. It had so little information I threw it away.. lou
  15. Reading David's account of the damp seals reminded me of a common practice I have done for so many years on all my cars I don't even think about it anymore. I start my winterizing campaign around the house, and cars, and all the rest of the equipt. now. one of the things I do is rub clear petrolieum jelly (Vaseline) into every piece of weatherstrip on everything I can find Door seals, Window seals, House, Cars, everything.. I take a gob of vaseline on my finger and rub it into the complete surface of every piece if rubber type stuff I can find. I try not to miss any spots, and rub it in real good leaving no excess. The real purpose of this is to freshen the syrface, and not leave any place to allow ice to stick and possibly tear the rubber. This may be considered as "Overkill" by some; but I never had a rubber seal leak, and still don't. Lou That big triangle thing where the mirror is - - - I rub it into the whole thing.
  16. OK, that's the problem..... The 604 and the modern 41 TE are basically the same tranmissions. They were considered by many as very troublesome units. The electronic controls are so that they can compensate for individual driving styles. ~ BUT ~ they like to be driven The electronic controls need constant input. they are a totalcompensating control but if they do not get any input they do not know what to control and I think it drives them crazy. and do not know what to do. Therefore they have faults. They are really at their worst when not being driven. Some of the best explainations of these trans units will be found at: Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge four-speed automatic transmission repairs Did you ever change or add trans fluid.?? That is a major question. These transmissions reall will only work with Chrysler +3 auto fluid (old stuff) or Chrysler +4 (modern stuff) Good luck, Lou
  17. Hi, Major problem. A604 electronic 4 speed o'drive trans, When the electronic control (called TCM) recognises a problem it sends the trans into "Limp Mode" means limp home. it is a 2nd gear only mode. The TC has a seperate computer for the trans. it is on the inside right (passenger) front fender near the front headlight area. There is a blue test plug at the fuse panel in the dash. Try your local chrysler dealer. try your local Transmission shop. If they have a computer reader they should be able to diagnose the problem. ! bit more info the fault code will dissapearas soon as you turn off the key. set it up that they will check it out as soon as you arrive. Good Luck, Lou
  18. PrivateMessage... Look at the upper right area of the forum page. where it is printed in blue .. just click where it says message
  19. I do not believe there will be any difference in the colors. What everyone call dye, is in fact just a type of paint, This is a multi step procedure, While you are searching for my writings, go to www.leatherique.com & check it out. Good luck, Lou
  20. Here are just a couple of pics from that 16V I cleaned up This was really badly worn and exposed leather. If you can search back I wrote a complete "How-To" using Leatherique. I think it was under the title of 16V leather Lou
  21. The Blue cover was the first one printed mostly considered the 1989 manual, & is for the 8v engine. The red one is '90 - '91 with 16v & v6 engine info.That also comes with a thin red supplement for the A604 4sp auto trans.
  22. Hey Alan, I'm really getting older than I thought. I honestly didn't see that "management Box"
  23. Put em side by side- - - Ain't hardly nuttin. Windshield is all, that I know of. Just remember: The Le Baron Convertible & Coupe happened because Lee was tired of waiting (over 2 years) for the Italian Govt., DeTamasso, & whatever else that was slow in the world to bring the TC to market. Therefore he had his American engineers "Americanize" it.. ~ And ~ They still beat the TC to market, by about 2 years. The key word was Americanize it. So except for the yankee parts that were originally intended to be utilized and fitted to the TC.. Ain't nuttin the same. It may look close; but ain't no cigars. Then after the new LeBaron sold over 70,000 the first year. that had to be the end...That's not an exact historical essay; but it is as I saw it. I was watching from the outside. lou:eek:
  24. OK guys, It took a while but with help; but I got so I could download pics pretty good on the old format. I'm lost again.... I wanted to load a couple of pics of the 16V leather I redid ~ But ~ ~ Lou:confused:
  25. Imperial North, is that a clue that you are canadian.?? Hi, I presume you are new. Starting last year I posted a complete leather redo of a Bordeaux interior. When I started the leather was so sun dried (it came from California) that the tan/brown of the actual hide was showing thru the surface. I used Leatherique products and posted a step by step procedure with pictures. I think if you use the search feature, you may find the complete story. If you do not find it keep me informed. I will repost Good Luck, Lou
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