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  1. There are 3 solid TC parts supplys that I know of: "Dr. TC", Hemi Anderson, Hemland@aol.com, Larry Carlson, TCparts.com info@tcparts.com Marty Kolner, ArizonaParts.com mkolner14@hotmail.com Good Luck, Lou
  2. I have never dyed a carpet. There was a thread here explaining what to use for renewing really faded black carpet. Personally with Bordeaux leather I would not mind black carpet. Good Luck, Lou
  3. hello jm, sorry to say that the armrest is no longer any good. i thought i had it packed away real good but a rodent chewed thru i edge of the box end and chewed a hole in the front right.. lou
  4. Hi Jello, I get most of my stuff from Leatherique. When I redid the leather in the 16v car from Cal. I first used the dye from them. it was much too red. i had them send me some black that i carefully added to give me the color that most closely matched the existing aged color. i use a microcloth polishing pad to apply the dye. backup on this forum and you will find a complete how-to on that interior. lou
  5. This is only a guess... HEP module in dist.. lou
  6. Hey David, Maybe someone will turn it into a "plug-in" ..
  7. Sorry Alan, The Old Man did it again...
  8. Whoa ! Whoa ! Whoa ! Easy now, We are a bunch of fun loving, and people loving folks. That's why we jump to help when someone asks... As Far as that snow goes: When I was a kid, we had so much snow, the had porches on the second floor of all the houses. We used them for entrance & exit. The snow was sooooo deep.. ~ and ~ I walked 3 miles to school every day, uphill both ways, barefoot, & in a blizzard.... Enjoy, Lou
  9. Hi, Sorry I don't remember which one I have left. We have a little snow here, & I don't know when I'll get up to the barn & unpack this stuff to look. It will be by early next week..(it's snowing pretty good right now.) Lou
  10. Guys It's not Burgundy. It's Bordeaux.. I have an armrest that I dyed when I redid that 16v last year. But I have to dig it out .. Lou I uploaded a couple of pictures. 1 I used, 1 I sent to another TC owner and 1 I have left. I don't remember which one..
  11. Hi Mike, I'm with you. I don't like messing with old wiring. Put together some jumpers. Jump the Ign. direct. Run a long lead back to the fuel pump. These are just an example. Make up a jumper with a fuse in it if you want. Just jump everything direct, 1 at a time.. Good Luck, Lou
  12. Hi, Yes feeling great, or would you believe good. Here are a couple of pics. The stuff is foam, we call it "egg crate. It does not have that finished sealed surface that some do. It's just open foam Light gray in color. Lou
  13. Hi, I'll take a pic later and send it . Lou
  14. Hi Guys It's Lou. I'll sit up real straight and on a pillow for about 10 min. OK Glen you got it. PayPal me at: Lou at Zarelli dot net. I don't think we will get it off before Jan. 1 but we will try. Hey All Y'All, Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes. When Lady Margaret wrote what I asked, about the yellow snow, she didn't get it until just a little bit ago. Then naturally I caught it.. Oh Well..... That's it gotta go, Lou
  15. OK Guys, Here's the scoop. It will cost $77.01 to ship north of the border. UPS Both Glen #1, & Bob #2 are the same price. You must pay "Duty" at your end. Lou's problem is arthritis. 1 shoulder & both hips have been replaced. Spine has all kinds of faults. He does everything he wants, just more carefully and slower than he used to. We don't think he did it shoveling. That may have tired/weakened him. He says it must have been my dinner. His story is: he put all the tools away washed up etc. sat down to eat. After eating he could not get up, or move freely, & that's when the pain came:rolleyes: ALAN ! ! DO NOT EAT YELLOW SNOW ! ! ! ! ! Thanks for everyone's good wishes, Lady M
  16. Hi Folks, Lou asked me to let you all know his promises to some are a little delayed. Shoveling snow he did something unpleasant to his back. He does everything carefully, but this time not so good. He cannot sit at his desk, so I'm looking thru his mess for the notes. I know there of 2 people he was doing something for. Today I am getting the shipping costs for the Top Lift to Canada. ( have not found the address yet). He said there is 1 more person he promised. He does not remember. Please answer this with all info. Thank You, Lady Margaret (private title;))
  17. There is a generic material available from most parts supply stores. The '89 was a real "shade tree" design. The later model stuff can be addapted and is inherintly better
  18. I have a NOS in it's plastic bag. Make a good offer,,,, .. Lou (snow's almost all gone)
  19. Hi<\, I think someone didn't read all the info in the "parts book". when I researched replacements 3 years ago both Cardone replacement axles were the same. Good Luck, Lou
  20. OK, I'll try for tomorrow. ~ Also ~ Check back threads.. I put up a complete picture essay showing mine, both are made from 2x4s, 5/16" nylon line, pulleys, hooks, & a crank. It was probably a year & 1/2 ago.. Lou
  21. Hi Glen, A small delay, Snowing in Southside Virginia, I had to put 1 of the cars in the barn where I was going to take the pics. The snow will probably overnight to ice. To make life easy I move a car to the top of the hill . It will all be gone in a day or 2, and I ll take the pics then.. Lou
  22. Hi Glen, Tomorrow I will lay it out and take a couple of good pics. I will also look for the box. I'm doing that because I am going to disassemble it for packing & shipping. pretty sure I still have the original paperwork with directions. Please give me your address for shipping price. Hi Bob, It's Glen's thread so I figure he has first refusal. I have that address info you sent so I will get your shipping info too. I am sure to you guys this is a joke; but it's getting cold down here. AM temp at b'kfst time is 20 deg.f
  23. t does dissassemble, It never was used, I think I have the original box. It is complete, with a winch, straps, & hooks, In excellent condition, never actually used.. I just assembled it to get a good look at it, and how it works. Sorry no it does not include shipping....... Lou
  24. here is 1 that i will sell for $50.00 . it is for a tc
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