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  1. You are on the right track. It's probably still the HEP
  2. Hi, I'm sorry I do not have my desktop, (it's getting a big "7" upgrade) ; but on my end , below the reply window I scroll down in additional options, and find a click box called "Managing attachments" for adding pics etc. You should have the same. I should get my PC back tomorrow. If I do I will take a picture of my '89 fuse panel, and post it. Or maybe someone else will beat me to it..... Good Luck, Lou
  3. I think that black dye & vinegar is only OK for Black rugs
  4. I have not tried it; but I think the leatherique dye would work. The procedure of rubbing it in would be the way to go.. Lou
  5. Hi, Almost all the switches in these cars are made by "Guide". They are a GM contractor, and these switches wind up in Ford GM, & Chrysler. They all have the same basic design. A sort of a chinese finger puzzle to hold the knob on. and about a 1/4" round button with a light coiled spring around it, that sticks out about 1/4" from the side or bottom of the light switch that holds the shaft. All of the TCs I have ever seen have had a rubber knob. I believe you describe yours as Chrome. That may be OK, because They can be interchangeable. Remove neg. battery terminal. - pull out kno
  6. Hey Tom, You are in NJ "The Garden State" Alan is referring to the problems created with officialdom, in Calif. Where areas are blocked from the sun by smog. I have flown into LAX where the blackness that obscured the ground would make someone think they were entering the Twilight Zone...
  7. think the long one is not fully collapsed
  8. Do you have a service manual?? You must follow the wiring diagram
  9. Hemi, @ Hemland@aol.com, or Larry, @ info@tcparts.com, Marty @ Arizonaparts.com
  10. I run Mobil 1, Motor oil in all my vehicles. I use the viscosity recommended by the manufacturer. In the TCs that don't get used very much, I change the oil every 6 months, I change the filter at every oil change. I had an '89 16V with 48,000 mi on it. I really cranked it up a couple of times....Well maybe more than a couple of times. There were no leaks. If any Visitor or Contractor, EVER dripped any oil on my driveway, I would have them clean it with thier teeth..... If an engine is in fact sealed the synthetic will not find any leaks where there is none.. Synthetic oil has a very good
  11. Hi, It will be somewhere between 70,000 & 90.000 mi. I will look it up tomorrow
  12. Oil Filters need to be rated to clean between 5 - 20 Microns. How well they filter out those sized particles is how they are efficiency rated in perctntage. If this is the case, the following is a good rule of thumb. A filter is considered nominally efficient at a certain micron level if it can remove 50 percent of particles that size. In other words, a filter that will consistently remove 50% of particles 20 microns or larger is nominally efficient at 20 microns. A filter is considered to achieve absolute filtration efficiency at a certain micron level if it can remove 98.7% of particles th
  13. Hey David, Thanks for catching that..... Shelbyone... I wrote you that IF you had the v6 that would be a good possibility for a fix,, With 4 cyl the chance of that helping is much less.. Before you do anything Google Repair to chrysler 3 speed automatic transmission. It will probably take you to the other Mopar forum I mentioned. It will give you much detailed info on the trans..... Lou
  14. Hey, What do you have,??? a 4 cyl. with a 3 speed, Or a v6 with a 4 speed.. You will notice some of us list our vehicles at the bottom of our signature. That serves 2 purposes 1- show-off,, 2- info for an answer.. Lou If you have a 4 cyl this is not so important ~ but ~ if you have a v6 it is verrrrrrryy important. Trans fluid must be Chrysler + 4 ! ! ! Many times a fluid and filter change will correct the problem. One of the other Mopar forums has a complete section on just our 4 speed auto trans. Good Luck, Lou
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