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  1. I think that mine is 2 toned grey but I am not 100 percent sure. What I mean by that is it is possible that it looks sort of two toned greenish gray. I need to look at it in better light to decde. I don't have a paint chip of the two toned grey interior to compare it to. Rebecca
  2. My dupont paint chart implies that all of the 1950 cars (except convertable) have 2 tones of gray paint on the interior instead of a specific color related to the exterior color. In other words, the interiors all have the same colors regardless of the exterior color. The reason why I ask this is I was wondering if that means that if you change the exterior color you don't need to change the interior color. Rebecca
  3. Hi, I am Rebecca. I just got a 1950 Buick Super Riviera (2 door HT). It has not been on the road since 1991 so I will have a bit of work to do. I don't know yet what all of the problems are. I can see that it has a cracked intake manifold. I have another one that does not appear to have any cracks. I am planning on buying a new fuel tank. I would like to remove everthing from the engine compartment and then paint the engine the correct color (after I figure out what it is) and then restore everthing else as I reinstall it). Rebecca
  4. I am having difficulty determining what the proper color should be for my 1950 Super Riviera 2 door HT with Dynaflow should be. I get a different answer each time someone tells me the answer. Also, the original brochures that I have collected seem to show different engines with different colors. My engine appears to be a medium green color. I don't think that this is correct. Some people have said that it should be turqois. Can someone tell me: 1) Exactly what color should the engine be (where can I get spray cans of the right color stuff). 2) What color should the valve cover decals be (appears to be different for different engines). The 1950 Super engine (265) was a new engine size and I am wondering if they painted it a different color than the base special engine or the roadmaster engine. Thanks, Rebecca
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    1950 Super Riviera 2 door HT - side view