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  1. 1) Where do the round "F-263" and rectangular "hydraulic lifter" stickers go?

    2) The original water neck/thermostat gasket that was on my car was very thick and had no sealant. NAPA gave me two really thin ones with peel and stick on one side. Should I try to get one thick on instead? Why would they have given me two of them? Should I use silicone sealant? If so, which side do I apply it (or both?).

    3) The big side fo the cam for the fuel pump is against the place where the cam follower should go so that it is hard to install the fuel pump. Should I try and turn the engine? Is this possible to do? I am assuming that I should remove the spark plugs before trying to do this. I have never run the engine yet but I am pretty sure that it is not stuck (but who knows how hard it will be to turn). Is it possible to get a socket and wrench on the balancer nut and still clear the radiator?

  2. I painted my 1950 oil filter canister cover orange. Is the nut (and the rest of the part that you see on the top that turns) supposed to be painted also? In addition, what is the function of the ball bearing in the shaft? Is it some kind of check ball? Do these wear out? Does this need replacing now and then? How do I know if it is ok?

    I wish I could find some better pictures of the way the painted things (or hardware that is not painted) is supposed to look in my engine area. I have yet to see one picture of a car that has everything correct (based on the fragmented info that I have been getting from many questions in postings). I guess that I need to get some pictures from a Buick show. I am not trying to create a show car but given that I am painting everything I might as well do it right because it is just as easy as doing it wrong if you have the right information at the right time. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />


  3. My 1950 Buick body color is "extra dark green". I have the Ditzler paint codes.

    However, my local paint shop says that they are unable to figure out how to make it. They do have that gadget that can measure the color. However, I am only assuming (because it looks right) that my paint is exactly the right tint. It has been oversprayed (but it looks correct). They told me that if I can bring them a flat (not curved) piece of the car (car does not run yet) that they can measure the color.

    I was originally going to bring them the gas cap door but it is curved. The only other part of the car that is readily removable is the hood and that is not flat either.

    Currently I am just trying to get some paint to paint the firewall (body color).

    Does anyone know of a company that can make this paint for me and put it in a few spray cans?


  4. It was finally warm enough for me to paint the engine and manifolds of my 50 (pictures later).

    Next will be the firewall and inner fenders and a few parts next to and in front of the radiator.


  5. I removed the rocker cover on my 1950 263 the yesterday and was pleased to see very little corrosion (not run in 20 years) but thing look pretty sticky (gummy). Is there something that I can spray on everything to clean it up a little? I was thinking that I could spray clean it with some kind of solvent and then when that mostly evaporates then spray it with a light film of something like MMO. I am also going to make sure that the oil passage channel from the oil filter cartridge is clear. Is there anything else easy that I can do to clean it up?


  6. I think that if I don't discover that the engine needs to be removed, I think that I might be able to get the car drivable by mid summer. I am not actually restoring it now but I am restoring anything that that is removable or is in such bad shape that it must be restored (such as everything that is removable in the engine area).

    Thanks for the info.


  7. What color is my pulley supposed to be? Engine color or black?

    What color is the fan spacer supposed to be? Same as pulley?

    I am assuming that the fan is supposed to be black. Is that correct?

    Is the oil breather tube supposed to be engine color?

    What cars had the dog dish style hub caps? Mine has a full wheel cover but under it there are stripes on the wheel. Was my car supposed to have the other style hub cap? I am just curious. I am planning on keeping the wheel covers.



  8. I have an extra intake manifold that came with my car that I don't need (not for my car).

    I have a feeling that it is not such an easy one to find because recently I was looking for one for my car and I came across a few for my 1950 Super but I did not see any like this:


    Does anyone know what it is. I would like to identify it and then sell it. It appears to be in very good shape.


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