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  1. Gary,

    My blaster is a cheap no name brand from china (I am pretty sure anyway). It was very cheap $180 I think. I think that it is about 4 feet wide and loads from the side. it came in about 4000 pieces and took me about two days to put it together and then after all that it leaked so I had to add lots of rtv caulking. If I had to do it again I would spend the money on a better one. I will find out the brand name and post it (after I get back from a trip to Canada which will be next weekend if I remember).


  2. Was it a lot noisier or was it just a little noisier? I think that not rusting is important to me and if it is just a little noisier it might be a good trade off. However, since a feature of this car is that it is pretty quiet it would be a good idea to try and keep it that way.

    I was thinking that mail ordering a "correct" exhaust would give me better results and be cheaper than having a custom exhaust shop do it. My husband just spent a fortune having a custom exhaust put on his 70 Cuda (beautiful TIG welds though). I have seen some prices of mail order exhausts that were pretty reasonable. It seems to me that it would be pretty cheap to install it even if I have it done professionally. I don't mind if there are modern exhaust hangars.



  3. I just got my car on the road after working on getting it running since last November. I have been driving it a lot during what is left of the driving season and then I will get back to working on it again:


    I have to say what fun this car is to drive. It is a lot different from my 58 Desoto and I like both cars equally. I am having so much fun with this car.


  4. they did the sandblasting, straightening (but not much was needed but they verified it, and the painting. It was a company called RimPro in Tewksbury MA. I delivered them. They tried to mount the tires for me as well but ended up telling me to bring it to a tire place because they were unable to do it with their equipment. The tire place had trouble too but got it in the end.


  5. I will watch out for these problems. I did have to file three of them in the area of the hub to get it to fit on. I have been driving my Desoto with powdercoated wheels done by the same people for a couple of years and have not noticed any of these problems. However, I will do an extra special check now that you have alerted me to it. The Desoto has full wheel covers. I mean completely full (Buick has an inch of wheel showing the Desoto has none). I will remove all of my Desoto wheel covers and check the nut torques (it has studs not bolts like the Buick).

  6. I have been having difficulty determining what the modern equivalent of the fluids needed for my 1950 Super are:

    Engine Oil: I am currently using 10W30. However, I don't think that this is the right choice.

    Transmission Oil: I am using Dextron/Mercron/ATF (red stuff).

    Shock absorber fluid: ?

    Brake fluid: ?

    Rear end gearbox: ?

    Steering gearbox fluid: ?

    Coolant: I am using regular 50/50 mix of Prestone.

    Does anyone have a list that I can take to the auto store and find? Using the manual I got no where at NAPA (guy at NAPA said that he did not know what any of the things in the manual were).


  7. The car is not ready for inspection yet but today for the first time I took the car off the dollys. I verified that all of the wheels turn ok (no terrible brake problems - will rebuild them later). Then I started the car (for the first time with the foot pedal instead of doing it by moving the linkage with my hands. After it started right up, I still had to adjust the choke manually as it warmed up. I have not made a new heat pipe yet. Also, the throttle linkage needs some more adjustment.

    Anyway, I put it in drive and did not feel anything but the engine sounded slightly different. I took my foot off the break and advanced the throttle a little and halleluia, the car moved. I drove it around the building several times. Then I tried reverse. It worked. The transmission has not been rebuilt - just new fluid. I then drove it a bit more around and around in the general area. My exhaust pipe is only being supported at both ends (by flange bolts and at the rear by mechanics wire) so I did hear some clunking under there. The suspension felt a little funny when I went over bumps. I am sure it is because it needs overhauling but I think that it is because this is the first time I drove a car that had coil springs in the rear.

    Anyway, I have lot of work to do but it is good news that the transmission appears to be ok so far.


  8. I removed the rocker shaft, cleaned all of the cloaking and junk from the shaft. I used a dent puller to take out one plug and ramed the outher one out with a threaded rod. I used a gun barrel cleaner to scrub out the dirt. At first glance there was not a lot of sludge. However, when I started cleaning each of the rocker journals (coking) I noticed that the holes in the shaft looked a little plugged. I cleaned these out. I also cleaned out the passages of the rockers with spray solvent can with a straw. I found new shaft plugs in a local auto parts store. I also pulled out the push rods and made sure that they are clean and not plugged as well. I made sure not to mix up any parts.


  9. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I had my engine running (sounded great) but I was not seeing any oil comming out of the rocker shaft where it is supposed to. After doing various tests I came to the conclusion that I had to remove and clean the rocker shaft. I did that yesterday. I also removed and cleaned the push rods. Now it seems to be putting out oil perfectly. I will post the details (and possibly pictures later). I just wanted to quickly post on my sucess (what a relief). In case you forgot, this is a car that sat for 20 years.


  10. I still have not taken a picture yet but I made some measurements and bought three sizes of plugs in hopes that one of them seems to be right. I really don't know how to tell how tight they are supposed to fit. I was under the impression that they don't need to be very tight because the oil is pretty low pressure. I am hoping that I can tell what size the old plugs where by comparing them somehow.

  11. I think that the wedge cusion came with the car (an option that came with the seat cover because it is the same material). My car is a long way from looking like it came from the factory. I have done nothing except work on the engine area.

    I like the 52 fins and I will probably keep them. They are badly pitted and will need to get rechromed.

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