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  1. black working and compleate for 1989 chrysler maserati tc please to delivery alan pusey,88kingsland road ,worthing west sussex england bn149ee email address mysticalan@msn.com paypal if poss for payment thanks alan
  2. hi, in need of an internal rear view mirror ,anybody have one for sale please thanks alan
  3. hi didd not see low bar sticking out of ground and grased the top peice of the chrome drivers side front fender (bumper)can any one help please thanks alan
  4. hello.in need of drivers side front top chrome corner bumper /fender/ also the little plastic bit that goes on the interior fuel release lever and black trim door handle escutions please do you think you could help thanks alan
  5. lou, was at 1987 88 89 90 monaco gps ,and i'm absolutlly trashed that i don't remember,cant even remember pace cars then' do remember big fireball crash ,i'll do som e reserch and if i find it i will let you know alan
  6. so sorry didnt see photos would not have asked such daft question alan
  7. oh no i havn't got one ,did manage to pick up analezan model of a tc made in 1987 it does look exact apart from its a 2+2 was this a mistake in this model or was the original design 2+2 alan
  8. hi would you have a front fender (bumper)also acrome grill please thanks alan
  9. thanks lou all went fine iowe you a cold beer cheers alan
  10. Hi ,guys to the lifeline of the love of my life [as my lady claims]have silly problem ,but the left indicator dash bulb blew failing me on the mot ,the manuel says an access chmney allows access but ,could i ask if anyone knows an easy way, also does any one know the bulb number as ill proberlly have to order one ,i read the posts avidlly and think its smashinglly brilliant thanks yours alan ps need drivers door handle escution /surround
  11. i need the plastic sleave please that goes on the petrol/gas release im in the uk but its only little to post, car chick says its often missing but could pull one of other models .only wish i could ,if you dont have one perhaps sombody else could help ,if anyone needs help on a model overhere let me know , keep it up guys you keep me nearly sane alan
  12. i think its english rhd triumph frog eyed sprite kit car ,thats a, i seem to remember .alan
  13. Hi ,with the dollar getting so much stronger now its time before its to late to get new wheel rims ,the question is will 7 INCH WIDE BE OK as there are some on ebay who have given a $200 against any purchase discount done by the 29th so ineed advice please , ? alan
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