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  1. Thanks for your knowledge friends. I am startring to think they must have been styled as a 'knock-off' of the automobile, with the red similar (but not the same as you have pointed out) looking logos with the long ends to letters.
  2. Thanks much for the info. Would you happen to know if these caps were made for the push-mower specifically or if they are Zephyr auto caps attached to the push-mower? THX OR50
  3. Hello All, I have a 1930's antique push lawn mower that has really cool wheels with 'hubcaps' that are shiny with the red Zephyr logo on them. Very curious if these are related to the actual automobile - the time period is the same. Appreciate any info or discussion. Thanks Much.
  4. Hellos - I know that Zephyr was a model of car from the olden days. My question is does anyone know about Zephyr brand hubcaps/covers? I have a 1920's push lawnmower that has 2 smaller Zepher hubcaps on it. Other old pushmowers do not have this feature - or I just havent found it yet. Any help with Zephyr info much appreciated. Sincerely, Leonard <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  5. Yes, heres an example of the mower and eBay has one - both no hubcaps. http://www.oldlawnmowerclub.co.uk/moms/mom71-eclipse.htm
  6. Sorry, I will have photo up asap - camera is charging. I have an antique push-mower made by Eclipse - and it has nice red Zephyr logo metal hubcaps on the wheels. They measure about 8" in diameter. Other antique mowers like this never have them. Mower is app. 1920's old. Probably just put on it by someone? But they would be too small for auto? Thanks Folks for any knowledge.